It’s Easy To Tell

I had another first date recently that lied about his height, ANOTHER ONE!!  I had a friend tell me once or maybe it was in a movie that most men add 3″ to their height and they usually lie about their age too.  The age thing I’ve been done by as well.  (one guy said he was 45 and turned out to be damn close to his 58th birthday.) 

Why lie about something that is so painfully obvious when you meet a person. That’s like saying you have all your limbs and then when you meet the person it’s like “hey you didn’t tell me about the missing arm?” I mean it’s pretty obvious when a man says he’s 5’10 and your 5’6 and as you are walking around you are an inch to 2 inches taller than him. 

I am kind of fed up with it all, so as we walked and talked, I said, “so, you obviously lied about your height”?

“What”? He replied shocked. 

“I can’t remember the last time I was taller than 5’10” I responded. 

“Well your wearing heals”! He exclaims. 

I replied with, “I’m not wearing 5 inch heals” 

He looks down and then stammers for a minute and says, “yeah I guess I’ve shrunk as I’ve gotten older “. 

All I could think was, “really you shrunk like 3 inches already and your only 45?? And yet you seem to stand so straight?  Hummm sure, whatever”. Did he think I was stupid? If I didn’t like the guy I would have probably said my thoughts out loud and kept him on the hot seat a bit longer. But I liked this guy so I gave him a break. 

It’s really not that big of a deal for me how tall they are. But, I don’t like liars. So, hopefully the fact that he was dishonest about that doesn’t signify that he has an issue with being honest.   I need to work on my “bullshit meter” maybe have it repaired because all the relationships I’ve had since the divorce, the men have been liars (all of them). I don’t know maybe it’s a good thing when men lie about their height?  Because, now I know from the get go, without a doubt that they have no issue being dishonest instead of blindly thinking they will be truthful and their not. 

Just another fun date in LoLa-Land 


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