The Look

“you gave me the look last night” He said.

“What look?” I asked.

“Shut up. Don’t give me that.  We have both been in long relationships before, you know the look.” He responded.

I know the look he’s talking about. It’s the look you get when you start to have feelings for someone feelings that suggest you are more than just friends or a causal thing.

“I didn’t give you the look!” I argued.

He chucked and responds, “Yes, yes you did. You gave me the look like three times. Once you were even biting your lower lip, which was adorable.”

God this man throws me a curve ball all the time. He is so much like me. He sees the things that I see. Most men are never this observant.  Not only does he catch on to things I don’t expect him to, he will bring it up! Shocks me and pushes me off the souls of my feet.  (Wow is this how I make other people feel when I put them on the spot with my forwardness?)  I actually love that he is so aware.

He went on, “I know you know the look I’m talking about LoLa? The one you get when you have feelings for someone else.”

“Please don’t say it” was all I could think. “Please don’t say the LOVE look!”  I am not prepared to say that to him. I do love him as a friend but the “I love you” words have so much more meaning. I probably did give him the look. I do care for him, I may even already love him more than friends; but, I can’t go there right now.

“I know the look” I responded rather quickly, which made him give a little snort of acknowledgement.  He probably could sense by my quick response that I was uncomfortable.  Then I remembered a moment when he grabbed my face, looked me in the eyes deeply and then planted a pretty hot kiss on me.

“You know” I started

“Yes” he replied

I sucked in my breath and quietly said,

“You gave me the look too”.


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