You’re getting old

My niece came home with me after Easter.  She thought she’d spend the night with me, since she does not have school tomorrow and I was welcoming the company.  I never like to spend the holidays alone.  But, she made a couple comments tonight, that made me feel like I’m just getting old. Granted she’s 13 and doesn’t always think about people’s feelings before she speaks, but; it still effects  my feelings.

I walked out of my room ready to go and my neice looked at me and asked, “auntie! Did your boobs get smaller? ” 

I haven’t been losing any weight so I didn’t think they were. I replied, “no? “A bit surprised, “why do you ask that?” 

“because they look like they have gotten smaller” she replies.  Then a look of “knowledge recall”, came over her face, ” oh your starting to shrink Auntie!”

” WHAT!?” I yelp

” you know what I’m talking about? You know,  like when people get older,  they start to shrink, your boobs are just probably starting to prune!”

I just stood there and looked at her. I wanted to flip her off, but I figured my sister would get mad. Come on prune?! I’m only 41!

Then just now she made me feel like I was old again.  Because she told me “man you’re like old!” Because I said I was going to bed.  Granted it’s only 9pm but I’m exhausted from our long Easter Day.  Of course because I’m not a kid I didn’t get a chocolate bunny to Eat the ears off, maybe that’s why I’m tired?

Oh well it was just another Easter in LoLa-land. (According to my neice it must have been my 90th Easter 😳 lil brat. ) 


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