I was having an interesting conversation with a friend of mine and he was telling me he likes to have an edible before bed. Edible, in this sense refers to a sweet with marrijuana in it. He said it helps him sleep like a rock and that maybe I’m tired a lot because I don’t sleep soundly. Then his mind started to wonder, as some men’s minds do and he started talking about sex and sexual edibles. For example, rubbing lotions you can eat and/ or edible panties. He, I am sure was going even further into thoughts of sex and taking panties off, but my twisted mind was going somewhere quite different. 

I said “EPP’s would just be a ridiculous waste of money!” 

“What is an EPP?” He asked.

“EPP means edible Pot Panties” I replied.

He just started cracking up. “No really if you think about it, what a oxymoron those would be?” I insisted, “you start gettin all turned on when your making out with your woman. Then you start getting busy with her and discover there’s a fruit snack waiting for you. So, you eat the panties. One because that would be sexy as hell, right? Two because you want to get inside of them.”  

My friend is now chuckling sinisterly. So, I keep going, ” finally you naw through the pot infused fruit wrap panties and start to attack the tasty center, (I was going to say, chocolatey goodness in the center of it all but then we get into the entire argument of  ‘how many licks does it take to get to the center….’ But how appropriate is that?)  and just when things are getting going and /or rising. (LoL I’m killing myself) you start to trip out from the weed!” 

“No!!!!” My friend yells out cracking up and says, “I would probably start drooling”.  

“Eeeewwwwww” I squeal “because drooling is sexy!”

We are now both cracking up. So, I keep going, “It’s never sexy when your partner is going down on you and forgets what he’s doing! Can’t you just see it? His face is planted nicely in my crotch and SuddenlyI he lefts up his head with a confused look on his face, and says, ‘where  am I?’ What do I  do now? What would you say?” I ask. 

My friend has now fallen off his chair laughing  replies, “you tell him he had the munchies so you gave him something to eat!”

Just another Fun Filled conversation in LoLa-Land. 


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