Chicken For Breakfast?

I am used to having chicken for breakfast. There’s all sorts of versions of chickens that you could consume. Chicken sausage, chicken and waffles, eggs with breaded chicken, fried chicken and grits, chicken and egg burritos (I could keep going). But, what do You do when a chicken comes to eat breakfast?

I was left quite perplexed when I heard a knocking on the front door at 7:30 am. It was a soft little knock that turned out to be this chickens, pecking on the front door.   I didn’t know if she understood why I wasn’t feeding her when I came to see who was waking us up.  She followed me about the front yard jerking her head around spasmodically (by humans standards but naturally for a chickens). I tried to find some feed for her and found none. Not knowing what exactly a chicken eats besides corn (I think),I stood and looked at her perplexed.

Then a thought occurred to me,  “Maybe she is offering herself up for me to eat!  Maybe this is not about her being hungry at all, and has everything to do with me being hungry!!”

Then I started looking for that big hatchet my man has.

(Just kidding)



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