Sugar Mama

My man, sweatheart that he is, loves to refer to me as his “sugar mama”.   He Is always quick to tell me that he will expect me to pay his bills and pay his mortgage, in return he will provide me sex; Lots and lots of sex!!!   He says this like its some sort of fabulous offer and since it’s only being offered to me, I need to jump on it, fast!! (No pun intended ).

Now don’t get me wrong I like sex just as much as the next guy. (Yes, I said guy, even though I am a woman, because my sex drive is much like that of a 27 year  old man) I am not one to turn down an offer of some really fantastic frolic in the sak (or anywhere else for that matter), but; this offer of his seems to be a win/win for him and a win/lose for me.  He will have all sorts of joys with his physical portion of the agreement as well as not having any financial debts to work for. Where as I could find myself out thousands a month.  I can see why he would suggest such a deal. It works out well for him.

“Oh yeah” ( seriously he talks like he from Canada, I don’t know why?) he says, “you are my sugar mama and I don’t have to work anymore!  No more 6am to 8 pm for me! I’m just gonna play in the dirt on my land, while you pay all the bills,  ok?” (Of course while he’s saying this to me he plunking down the cash for our dinner).  He continues, “all I gotta do mama” (I’m thinking, call me “mama” one more time!) “is just give you lots of orgasims and then I will have my sugar mama forever!!!!”

At this point I’m dyeing laughing and then as in normal LoLa fashion I have to egg him on even further. “Oh am I your Sugar Mama? Ok I’ll pay your bills. Let’s see I have $300 to my name you can have it all? That’s how much I like you.  That should cover it right? The mortgage, and  the other bills?  Ok, now that we have that worked out, let’s get to your portion of the agreement!”

” Wo wo wo. Wait a second!!!$300!!!!  That’s not gonna pay for enough. I want a new hot tub too, let’s not forget the tub!” He demands.

“What’s with all your demands man? I’m still waiting for you to follow through with your side of the deal.” I object with my hands firmly placed on my hips.  “I have no more than $300 you can’t have the hot tub”

” I don’t know what we’re going to do?  That simply will not do! You have to make more.”

This is our shtick. I am his very broke sugar mama and apparently he is my very underpaid gigolo and it works for us.


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