Meant To Be Hairy 

Recently my electric razor died. And I can’t stand being hairy. I would have gone out  and replaced it but I had to work at both my jobs for three days,  I had no time.  But, after a few days of not shaving things started to get a little scary and hairy down there.  

Finally one night I made it over to the local Kmart where they have a selection of about 20 electric razors, with prices from $12 to $140.  I picked a lower priced normal looking razor, no special bells or whistles, waited in the long line and finally purchased it.  I got my 10 different foot long receipts from my cashier and left.  As soon as I got home I ripped open the box and I saw the razor clipper was about 2.5 inches wide and had a cord, which was not going to work for me at all.  So, I boxed it all up and went to bed, still a big hairy mess. 

Three days later I was finally able to return the razor to Kmart. ( at this point,  I am just part gorilla). I went back to the razor aisle and looked for the smallest clipper blades I could find. I found one that seemed low maintenance and was a great price.  The box was a bit jacked up but, I didnt care about the packaging, just as long as the razor works.  I then waited for awhile in the returns aisle as the clerk was working on a display issue and asked me to hold on. ( tick tock. Customer service is…..?) We did the exchange and I was off again. As soon as I was home I pulled out this perfect little corldess razor And was almost excited!  Until I saw it, hair in the Clippers teeth. Big black hairs! Someone had obviously purchased the razor, used it and returned it. 

Grossed out and irritated I boxed it all back up again and headed BACK over to Kmart  for another (unused) razor. (Now I’m wondering how much gas have I spent to buy one razor?) I go back to the razor aisle, pick the same clippers but (in a good box this time.  Waited yet again in the return aisle where I was told yet again to wait for the person to put something away ( this can’t wait). I tell the woman, “I would like to return this razor” 

“Is something wrong with it ma’am?” She asks me.  

“Well it appears to work fine but I didn’t expect it to already be used?  Were the black hairs extra?”  I ask

” eww!!!! Gross!!!!” The cashier exclaimed as she quickly allowed me to do the even exchange and I was again on my way home.  

When I got home I opened up the Pristine box removed all the packaging and inserted the brand-new battery, Flip the switch on and was alas completely excited to hear the buzz of the electric razor. It was such a wonderful sound I couldn’t wait to attack the fur coat I had growing on me, when after about 30 seconds of the delightful buzzing, my new razor stopped working.  I AM NOT KIDDING!!! I hadn’t even started shaving yet I was still delighting in the buzzing sound. 

After about three battery changes and hitting the thing sideways a few times ( don’t ask, I was mad) I finally got it to work again.  I was then able to shave at last!!!! Thank god!!  Funny enough I took the brush and oil that came with the new razor and cleaned up my old razor just for shits and giggles and the damn thing stared working again.  So, now suddenly, I have two razors. Which is a good thing because I don’t think I want to buy anymore anytime soon.

Just another weird experience in LoLa-Land


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