The Single Girls Schedule 

I know I have recanted lots of funny “being single” stories with you all. But this week took the cake with regards to my “single girl” calendar. I was set to have a pretty busy (date wise) weekend.  When I went to work Thursday I had scheduled for the weekend, a first date Friday night (a meet and greet if you will) for coffee. Another meet and greet Saturday afternoon.  Drinks were planned Saturday night with a man I met last week. Then Sunday it was a hang out and talk with one of my ex boyfriends. 

At the same time I was talking to two other men online that I had no plans with, but both were asking me to meet them.  Now before you think “really? Why must she go on so many dates?” Let me explain to you why I make so many, And I think other single woman will understand. 

By Thursday night, my Saturday afternoon date cancelled due to his sons little league game.  Then One of the online guys suddenly asked me to go to Reno with him for the weekend, all expenses paid. Then the other online guy asked if he could DOM me. By Friday morning, Saturday nights date cancelled with no reason at all (rude). And friday afternoon, Friday nights date asked to move the date from 7 to 5:30,  which is fine but caused a traffic jam in my schedule.  Late Friday night I was talking to the ex boyfriend Whom I had plans with Sunday.  I said something about the date I went on and he freeked out on me. He said, “You can forget Sunday! Have fun with your other men!”    

So now it is Friday night and out of all of those plans! After all of those men, there is nothing planned for the rest of the weekend. (Now do you see why I schedule so much?) are you wondering what a single girl is to do at this point?   

The first thing I did was block the two freaks I hadn’t met yet. Because even though I have to go to Reno The exact same weekend the guy asked me to go with him, I would never even entertain the thought of going away with a man I’ve never met. (Really! that is just some weird serial killer bullshit there.) As for Sunday afternoons date, if he asks me out again I will say yes, because he gave me three days notice and has still been talking to me. As for Saturday night’s date, I won’t be speaking to him again. He never offered an apology or has even reached out in any way. As for the ex boyfriend, maybe I was looking for a friend in him because I miss “management” ( another ex boyfriend ).  But, he has reminded me (quickly) why I didnt want to date him anymore. 

Even after all of this, I will not be sitting on my ass all weekend. Because Friday nights date did happen and I actually REALLY liked him!  My face hurt from laughing so hard and he was very attractive.  We made plans for Sunday ( and now that the ex cancelled we have more time). Last night an old fling called me and I’m going to see him later today to catch up. But it’s tonight’s plans I’m most excited about!!!  Tonight A girlfriend and I are going to dinner and then to see a comedy show. It’s going to be a blast!!

It’s just another single weekend in LoLa-Land 


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