Finding Two New Chicks For My Man

I was hanging with one of my younger nieces this weekend when I got a very sad call from the man I’m seeing.  He seemed really very down and I could tell he was really upset just by his tone.  He said to me very softly, ” they’re both dead. Both my chicks died”. He sounded so defeated I didn’t know what to say.

” WHAT! What do you mean they died!” I protested.

“I don’t know babe, I went out to their home that I made for them and they were both dead!  I think they got too cold last night. But I got them new bedding and everything. I don’t know?! I feel so bad! I killed them!” He sounded so depressed.

” oh honey you didn’t mean to kill them!” I declared.

I had to go and run some errands. I told my neice who was with me what he said and she and I agreed we had to help him feel better. So we went down to the local feed store and picked him up two of the cutest damn three day old chicks you’d ever seen.


We found out exactly what they needed to stay alive and even picked up some horse food for the horse.  My mans face was so sweet when we dropped the chicks off to him. When he saw what we got for him he was so awestruck by our gift, I thought he would cry.

Thankfulky he did not cry, because my neice would have been uncomfortable by that.  instead this very sweet man took those chicks and lovingly gave them a nice box in his home where they could stay around 99 degrees.  I never thought I’d ever get a man I’m sleeping with another chick, and most definitely not two chicks.

Times they are a changing!

Cluck cluck


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