The Thoughtless Man

I Had another date lined up this weekend.  I was starting to get irritated with him at one point because he asked me out about a week prior and since asking me out, only contacted me maybe two times. I don’t like that at all, it Makes the date very difficult to face because it truly is a ” blind date” at that point.  It also tells me, ” this person has no desire in getting to know me at all “. Sometimes if I don’t hear from my perspective suitor by a certain time to confirm the dates, place and time, I will make other plans.  Because if a man really wanted to see me he would be more attentive then that. He did finally call me and  He suggested a location, ” what about the Hilton?” he asked.

” I don’t meet men in hotels. ” I replied 

” the bar overlooks the city and has a nice outside patio.” He responds

” oh ok  sounds perfect” I reply 

So we made plans to meet later then we originally planned. Which was fine but, It ended up being cold but beautiful; my date was not.  He was wearing a dirty work shirt that his large belly protruded out from underneath. He had obviously posted a picture of himself taken about 10 years earlier . He was about two inches shorter than stated on his profile and he now weighed about 40lbs more than he did in his online pictures. 

I sat down acceoss from him, feeling very irritated because yet again I was disappointed. But, I was going to keep my chin up and make the best of the date. Just then the waiter brings my date a drink. I arrived 1 minute after we planned and he couldn’t wait to be seated or order drinks with me? Then he says, to the waiter (without asking me) “she’ll take one of these as well.”   All I can think at this point is “you think it might behoove him to see if I like that type of drink first”  

We make small talk and then the waiter comes up to see if we wanted anything to eat. My date orders Calamari and doesn’t ask me what I want.  I am again struck my his thoughtlessness, but I don’t want to spend any more of his money, because I know I don’t want to see him again. 

Then he says to me “so Lauren you have three kids right?”  I could not believe my ears. This man has no idea what my name is or the fact that I have no kids.  Was he even expecting me when I showed up?  Instead of answering him I just smiled and called the waiter over. “I’ll have another drink please and make it a double”  I asked.  My date looked a bit surprised and I am hoping irritated. 

“That’s not my name and I don’t have three kids” I said to him. 

He chucked “hu hu sorry, what’s your name?” He asked.

“I’ll let you figure this one out on your own big guy” I replied. 

Which of course gave him something to say for the remainder or our date. He figured it out on about guess # 6. I was actually surprised he got it that quickly. Of course once he did figure it out, he wanted kudos, like he deserved a prize for remembering the name of his date? 

When the bill came it sat in between us for about five minutes and no one looked at it. The waiter even picked it up before and payment was laid down. That’s when my date finally pulled out some cash. All I could think was, “oh no honey, you asked me out, picked the place, ordered (almost ) everything without my input and forgot my name, you can pay!  

When we parted he asked for a hug.  I gave him a quick one armed squeeze and then quickly jumped in my car.  Only to have him text me about 15 minutes later.  The text said this, “Id. Love to see how the sex is with ya”.  I responded by, not responding at all. And that was my Friday night of fun. 

Just another sad single night in LoLa-Land 


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