Cooking is Good. Right?

Latey I’ve noticed a certain phenomenon in my world that is not working out well for me. I’ve noticed that my balance in my check book has been going down quickly and at the same time the number on my scale has been going up quickly.  I am still working out but I am still gaining weight.  I know what it is and it has everything to do with my complete lack of interest in anything to do with cooking. I will eat out at any given opportunity. Which can usually mean 1 to 2 times a day.  Very rarely do I eat all of my daily intake of food from my own kitchen.  

I’m not stupid I know the way to switch the changing of my scale and pocketbook numbers. So, today I decided to make it a reality and I did something I NEVER do, I cooked. I went to the local farm and picked up a bunch of yummy fresh produce.  

The I went home and started cleaning and slicing all of it.  I even busted out the knife set I won at last years family “white elephant” Christmad gift exchange.  I cook so rarely, that in over 6 months, I never once took it from its packaging. 

I wanted to prep for my week knowing how lazy I get after working 8 hours.  So I sliced up some mushrooms, green onions, bell pepper, garlic, and Swiss chard with some olive oil, salt and sautéed it all together. Then blended it in with a dozen eggs and made breakfast for myself for the week. 

Homemade egg muffins 

I then sliced up celery, cucumbers and tomatoes, then bagged them up in ready made snack bags, I could easily grab. At the same time I was, Dethawing chicken and baking it in a barbecue sauce. My kitchen smelled delictable.  The last time it smelt that good was when “The sweatheart” came over with his baked chicken one night.  I was kinda of impressed with myself.  Especially when i checked the baking chicken to Find it a beautiful golden brown color. 

But, as per normal LoLa experiences. As I tried to gently wedge my egg muffins from the pan, the bottoms stuck to it and ripped away from the muffin.  Then I smelt something burnng  and peeked into the oven, only to find my Golden chicken had quickly turn black. I reached in quickly to pull the chicken out, to avoid any further burning of my week’s worth of lunch, totally forgetting that the handle was hot. I now have what feels like a second-degree burn on my thumb and have not been able to let go of some sort of ice product since it happened .  When I cleaned up all the unused veggies, I guess I put too many in the garbage disposal at once because at some point the water stopped draining and just spun in circles.

Again I ask myself (and I think understandably so), “LoLa do you think you should just eat out from now on?” Because the plumber bill and doctor visit will cost more than the dinner out 

Just another 911 cooking Experiance in LoLa-Land 


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