She’s Single Again 

Do you want to hear a true story? 

Once upon a time in May of 2014, there was this woman who was running late for work and needed to check an address online so she knew where to meet her boss. She realized her laptop was upstairs behind a locked door and the key was on the key ring in the ignition of the running car outside. However her boyfriends laptop resided right on the kitchen counter.  

So, she opened up the lap top and clicked the chrome icon and up comes the World Wide Web! But, before she can type what she is even searching for, a profile to a email inbox comes up. She goes to the little box in the right hand corner of the screen to close her mans email in box, when she suddenly notices the email title saying “hello Andrew”. The woman found this rather weird considering that Andrew was not her mans name and this was his computer.  

Confused she looked down to the list of pending emails only to see emails from a dating site, okcupid.  She sees where they welcome him to OKC in Septemeber. (While they were dating). Then she sees another email with a link and she clicks it. The link takes her straight to the dating site profile.  She sees that he has no info added, no picture  posted, no emails from any woman and no history of liking anyone. It was as if he opened It and stopped. She went back to the original email for “Andrew” and saw nothing else. It was obvious he had opened this account under a false name, while they were dating but did nothing with it. 

Super late for work, she closed everything down and ran out the door feeling really hurt and disappointed. She spent most of the day wondering why he felt the need to have that when he already had a OKC on hold under his real name? However, the fact that he hadn’t done anything with it made her feel a little better. She went home that night and pulled out her diary and sure enough in Septemebr they had been fighting and even took a week apart. (Not like Ross from friends they were not on “a break”). She was irritated that he was so weak he had to almost start looking for someone else in that time. Yet, she knew things were so much better now and much time had passed. They both had worked through a bunch of shit. So, she decided to let it go. 

Finding the dating profile scared her. She hadn’t realized how close she had been to losing him. They were approaching a perfect time to show her love. It was their anniversary in a few weeks and she wanted to go all out for him. Then just a few weeks after that was his birthday and she wanted to do something really sexy for him. She soon forgot about the stupid OKC profile and fell even harder for him, when they spent about a week of doing really amazing Romantic things. They had Thai Messages in the San Francisco, steam baths in Calistoga, amazing meals. 

She was By far, more in love with him at that point in their relationship, than she had ever been.  She couldn’t wait for his birthday in a few weeks. He was having a medical procedure on his birthday as well, so she planned an entire romantic night of birthday treats just for him. 

The day before his birthday she was up really early and wasn’t quite ready to work out so she got to playing online. She suddenly remembered his Okc account and thought “maybe I should check that thing?” But, She knew he hadn’t been on it becausethey were  completely in love, and if She checked it out that would be invading his privacy and doing something she said she would never do.  But curiously consumed her as her boredom set in, and she checked his account. 

She was suddenly faced with a complete profile.  It had his basic information, his likes and his place of business as the town he lived in, which just happened to be a different town from her. It had a history of woman he looked at and woman he liked.  It had messages sent and received. She was suddenly faced with a very  active profile. She became breathless and her heart stopped.  Anger suddenly overcame her and she wanted to fucking kill him!! “How could he be shopping for another woman now when things were so good for them.”  

That night she confronted her soon to be ex -boyfriend and told him that she knew!  She knew what he had been doing and he needed to own it with her.  He became outraged and defensive, which only furthered her anger.  He refused to admit to any wrong doing. He told her to fuck off several times and then threw her house key at her wall and left. He suddenly seemed to her to be a completely different person. 

She finally told him She found out about his Okc account. Over the next couple of days he gave her All sorts of excuses, ” it’s not my account, it’s my best friends. I opened it long before you even came into my life. I didn’t even contact anyone? I haven’t been on the damn thing in like a year, I just went in recently to see if it was still active.  I wasn’t looking for a woman to date I was just looking to see what type of woman Were in that area.” It goes on but you get the picture. With each lie he told her he was essentially putting 100 more bricks on the wall she was building around her.  Bricks that if he had any hope of getting her back, he would have to knock down, one by one. But did he want to knock them down or did he want to just walk away? 

The End


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