The Girl Friend vs Girlfriend

This year has been all about getting to be on the other side of the Girlfriend spectrum.  When I say other side I am speaking of the fact that I have not been the Insecure Girlfriend this year, but rather forced to deal with the outcome of such a woman. Let me explain….

I have been the “Girlfriend” in the past, feeling very insecure in my relationship; Not sure if my man is being faithful or not. Scared that if I keep falling in-love with him, that I’m sure to get my heart broken.  Never being sure that he is where he says he is, or is doing what he says he’s actually doing. It’s not a enjoyable place to be in and I tend to run from relationships that make me feel this way.  I get so paranoid and on edge when I’m feeling insecure. 

This year I have had three male friends (just friends) basically stop talking to me because of some psychotic or insecure girlfriend. Two of the men and I have never even been intimate.  I went on dates with them and  we didn’t jive in any kind of romantic sense, so we stayed “just friends”.  Lately, I have been more the Girl Friend to the men in my life then a girlfriend.  I like men as friends. Since I talk like a man and feel more comfortable being outside with a man,  then In a mall with woman, it seems to make sense I would have male friends. 

However, once my friends start Dating and their woman get a wiff of me or see me coming it’s over. Suddenly I am the forgotten fruit (that no one actually bit into). Or I have the one guy who I did actually have a physical relationship with, who ultimately left me in the very end, telling me his woman saw how painful are breakup was and doesn’t want me around because of that   Really? Weird that, 1- why was it so devestating when he’s the one who decided to go? 2- I’m sorry, what?  she was around for our breakup? Wow he really took some space between girlfriends. (She says sarcastically). Or another one of my friends girlfriends has decided that we have had the best sex of her mans life, so he is now not allowed to see me.  When her man told me this,  I said, “we have! Was it good? I’m sad, I didn’t even get to enjoy it!”

Currently one of my best friends is, “the Sweetheart”.  Ever since we broke up we have adtually become much closer just being friends. He recently started seeing someone and I am in constant fear that if he says anything to her about me she will put the hammer down. Which really I should say, “close the vagina” (such a powerful tool) and tell him no more sex if I stay around. If a man thinks he’s going to lose that great snatch over a person who he gets no play from, it’s a no brainer.  For men who love woman, it seems to be all about the sex and nothing else matters. Am I wrong? 

Is it just me? Do I just have so much sexual energy poring from my being,  that woman everywhere think I’m after their men? Or is this an issue with every “girl friend and girlfriend combo”?  I begged the “sweetheart” to please not throw me away (like the others did) when his woman moves to town. ” Please don’t trade me in for sex!” I said. He just shook his head and laughed at me, of course so did the others. 

Why can’t men have both the Girlfriend and the Girl Friend?  


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