Jumping to my…..

Today, I will be checking off another one of my bucket list items. Today I will be jumping out of an airplane. And yes, (as everyone seems to ask me the same question), a perfectly good airplane!!!

I don’t mind heights at all and I love wind. I have gone para-sailing a number of times, I loved those  adventures.  I’ve gone in a hot air balloon.  I loved being up high and seeing the earth. I love flying, especially the take off and landings. I love to watch the earth get small and then big again.  I love love love amusement park rides that take me all the way into the heavens and then drop me to the earth.  With regards to wind, I’m the girl you will see in the convertible with all the windows still down and my hair whipping everywhere. 

So bring it on!!  I got this, jumping from 10,000.00 feet is going to be wonderful.  Bring on the majestic beauty of the Santa Cruz shoreline and mountain tops. Bring on the sunset over the ocean.  Bring on the laughter and absolute joy for some of my girls and I.   I am going to love every single moment of it!

At least this is how I felt yesterday. Today I woke up with a very queasy feeling in my tummy. I am not having second thoughts but I am starting to feel a little bit freaked. My breath is shallow and quick and my chest seems really heavy. I do this every time. I get totally excited about doing something different and then right as it is about to happen, I flip out!!  But! I always go through with it! 

So here’s hoping last nights sleep, was not my Last Night of Sleep!  Here’s hoping my parachute opens and I arrive to the earth safely and happy. Here’s to no broken body parts or injuries for any of my friends or I. Here’s to it all going perfect and me not pooping my pants! 

Just another adventurous day in LoLa-Land 


Water conservation

I feel like I’ve been conserving water my whole life. When I was still in grade school my mom decided to change paths, quit her job and go back to school. My dad shouldered the financial burden of four kids, a wife and the all bills for a year or two, while my mom finished her education. 

We needed to buckle down everywhere!  Suddenly our name brand cereal turned into a yellow box. We also started being more aware of turning electronics off when done with them and lights off when we left a room. The water conservation took many different changes on all of our parts. 

We started having timed showers or five minutes. We had to stop running water while brushing our teeth or washing our hands. We were to turn the water on to wet and rinse.  That may also have been when the drip system went into the front lawn. 

Now after 30 some odd years I still take quick showers and stop the water while brushing my teeth or suddsing up my hands. I even get mad at those electric sinks that keep running water even after I left the sink or pulled my hands away!  I will go so far as to piss my friends off by turning their water off if I see it just running and they aren’t using it.  I will even let the toilet “mellow when it’s just yellow” because we don’t need to flush EVERYTIME we urinate, do we?

My latest act of conversation is in the kitchen. For years now our beautiful state of California has been getting dryer and dryer and we are in crises mode. So, to help save even more water, I am now taking my largest “water boiling” pot, that holds two gallons of water and I have started placeing it in my sink or next to it. And I let it catch all the runoff water from rinsing veggies or washing hands into the pot. Evertime I don’t finish a glass of water I pour the excess water into the pot. Whenever I need to let something soak I will pour the old soaking water into the pot.  When the pot is full I carry it outside and pour it into my bushes, trees, or even the dying grass.  Whatever living plant I can find that seems to need fluids.

Your would be surprised how many times I will carry the pot outside to dump.  Sunday’s when I’m cooking and cleaning all day I will do three trips!!  Then I will usually dump my bucket twice during the week days too. If you think about it, that’s damn near 10 gallons of water a week that I was just letting run down the  drain.  What are you doing to conserved? If you have anyother good ideas please let me know. I am open to trying anything. 

Remember to conserve! 

She Can’t Have Babies

Have I ever shared with you all, why things between the sweetheart and I didn’t work out?  He is in his very late 30’s and wants children more than anything else in the world.  I think even more then he wants to really be in love.  I am unable to have children.  Even though we got along very well he and I, the sweetheart would never open his heart completely to me because of it. He replaced me for someone who could breed and has quickly started changing his world for her, pretty much since the day after he and I called it quits. 

Yes it hurts me to see that in two short months he has allowed her to redecorate his home and they speak of marriage and their eventual litter of kids.  Yet, he and I remain close and are good friends.  In fact he says the only reason romantically, it didn’t work out for us is because I can’t have kids. He told me when we got together he wanted them and I wasn’t surprised when ultimately that’s why he decided to leave. He has assured me that he would have stayed with me if I could just have kids. 

His new fertile woman is well aware of me and though she was jealous in the beginning she quickly stopped worrying, because the sweetheart told her, ” LoLa is one of my closest friends.  she has helped me through some really hard times. And she can’t have kids.”  That information has been enough to not have her become jealous and possessive. 

I’ve never heard ” she can’t have kids” come up so often, as it does when I’m around the sweetheart.   The decision to get my tubes tide was made by my ex husband and I, years ago.  At the time we were still happily married.  It can be reversed with surgery, but I don’t want to reverse it.  I am almost 42 years old, I don’t want or have the energy for a baby in my world.  But it saddens me that a decision I made years ago changed the possible course of where I may have gone now.   
When ever I feel jealous or hurt by something that the sweatheart says about his feelings for his new woman, he always feels bad right away and hugs me and then reminds me.  “I’m sorry this hurts you. You know I have strong feelings for you and really care about you.  But you can’t have babies!”  Hearing that used to roll off the back of my shoulders like “no big deal” but now since I’ve probably heard it said about 50 times said, to me, about me and In front of me, it just feels like a stab in the heart.  

No I can’t have babies. But I have to know that  at some point a man will come into my life who doesn’t want babies but does want love and even more so, he wants me. 

Just another baby-less day in LoLa-Land

Inspector Gadget 

I have a friend whom I’ve written about before, but I’ve always referred to him as “the disappearing act”.  I’ve noticed something funny about this guy beyond disappearing (which he has stopped doing it seems), and that is, he always seems to have exactly what we might need. 

We went on a trip once and he came with about twice as much shit as I did; but, he also had ANYTHING we needed.  I needed a little screwdriver to replace a battery on a small remote and he pulled out a pen that was actually, a Very small screwdriver set.  (We were not even at his home at the time). He would be awesome to have at the game show “Let’s Make A Deal” when they look for random items with the audience members. 

For that same trip I mentioned earlier, he had all of the normal items needed for a trip. He also had a radar detector, a navigational system, a electric razor set, goggles for swimming, a music adapter to stream music while driving, and I’m sure he said a first-aid kit.  All of this for a 5 hour drive, and we didn’t even leave the state. 

He has the craziest apps on his phone too.  He has the ability to scan faces and do face recognition on the web. He has reverse phone  apps, so he can find out where someone is located by their phone number. (Wait now this seems like a little “stalker Steve” to me).??

He mentioned to me once, that if it had been him on the date to the beach with me, ( the one I speak of in ” First date Adventure“), where I tore a chunk of skin off the bottom of one of my toes, (which is now all healed and thankfully I did not get a staff infections), he would have had three different solutions that were better than what we chose to do.  He almost seemed mad at me for making the choice I did or maybe it was that I was with someone else? Who knows?

I always feel like I’m with Mr inspector Gadget when I’m with him. I never know what kind of handy dandy little thing he’s going to randomly pull out of his pocket or bag, that will make our lives easier at that moment. I like it, it almost makes me feel more secure, even where security is just not needed.  

I think Mr. Gadget, lives by the law that you can never be over prepared for any situation. So, he will always carry a heavy load. Maybe that’s why I’m in his life?  Maybe I’m supposed to  teach him to lighten up?  Maybe he is meant to teach me to be more prepared? 

But am I prepared for him? Big GO Go Gadget Questions going on in LoLa- Land. 


Maintaining A tidy pubic region is not just a females job anymore. Yes we all know the woman’s “bush” (ie. Pubic hair) has been a topic of conversation for years amongst both men and woman alike. What’s the style you like?  Is it the runway or landing strip? Do you go fully bald with the Brazilian? Are you all natural with long pubes growing everywhere? (Can you see your pubes from the back of your legs?) 

I have dated men who would actually have broken up with me or maybe never even entertained another date, if my pubic hair was not maintained to their liking (whatever those were…). Pubes, and how you have them trimmed or not trimmed has always been quite a big deal for some men and we woman have been trying to do what we can to keep them satisfied and happy for decades. 

I know a man who had nightmares of big bushy pubes and expectations from his lover for Orals. He told me once (and as he told me he became more and more aggetated)  that he would wake up in a panic some nights, after having a Nightmare about the sight of this random scary harry bush. He said, “I feared pubic hair poking me in the eyes!! Or a random pube going up my nose and causing me to cough!”  I was almost falling off my seat at the visual and just seeing how his demeanor was changing, just talking about it, he looked scared. Scared over hair, hhhhmmmm….

Fresh off a divorce I told this same hair traumatized friend, “now that you are divorced and heading into single land you should know a few things.”  He calmed down and listened. 

“Most single woman that you come accross you will find, will not be sporting the bushy bush anymore. ” 

He seemed so relieved instantly. 

I went on, “I can not quarantee you that there will be nothing at all in the way of pubes, but I can confirm that if she is bushy, she is likely NOT dating much. But!!! And I mean but, the same can be said for men!”

“What?” He asked me confused. 

“Men must now attend to their… Manscape” I replied. 

“What!” He almost shrieked. 

“Men are now shaving or waxing their own … Pelvic area so that while we woman are performing fellatio we are not riddled with long hairs going up our noses or poking us in the eye.” I said, pointing out his own fears to him. 

“You must be joking!? It’s not like we are all smooth and easy to shave like you guys are! Your pulling my leg… Or something else!!!” He says loudly as he’s laughing hysterically. 

I just stood there and looked at him. I waited for him to realize I was not kidding, it took him a few minutes. 

As his chuckles started to Diminish he started to look serious. He asked, ” you’re serious?! Really? That’s rediculous!! Woman Can’t expect   us to control what’s going on down there! I mean I’ve got hair that grows on my dick for Christ sake!!” 

At this point I was getting irritated, he sounded like a baby. He was actually getting angry with me, for pointing out today’s standards. My friend was being kind of a dick. 

He just looked at me for awhile waiting for me to say Just Kidding; But, I never did. 

“How am I supposed to do that? ” he asked me very irritated. 

I then let out my own chuckle. “Really? We woman have been shaving, tweezing, plucking, teasing, waxing, spraying and even injecting all to stay beautiful for you men for….EVER! Have you ever once heard of any woman, asking a man how to do it? Dude, you need to go talk to some of your buddies who are single and get the lowdown on the manscape and let them tell you how to get it done.” 

I walked away thinking to myself, “he’s going to have to make some changes. Wait until he finds out forplay is now expected to take longer than a commercial break.” 

Just another fun conversation with friends in LoLa-Land. 

How Thoughtful Is He?

A really good friend of mine asked me if he could give my number to a Friend of his. He said, “LoLa this guy Liam is just like you, totally happy all the time, full of life, sarcastic as all hell and single”. Of course that all sounded great to me, so he gives Liam my number. That was two weeks ago and Liam and I have started talking a lot. He is exactly as my friend said he is. He is funny, happy, sarcastic and even more sexually perverse then me and not even slightly bothered by my sexual candor. We couldn’t wait to meet one another but had to,  for two weeks, due to our alternating work schedules. Finally last night I got to meet him. 

The deal was, if I drive the 45 minutes to his house he would plan the evening for us, and he did. He also told me “bring your sleepover bag and stay in my guest room I don’t want you driving home late and I know we will have fun and you won’t want to leave. Your virtue is safe with me don’t worry I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. ”

When I arrived at his house he had left his parking spot open for me, and hung a rose on a string from the top of the carport. It was so sweet.  

 Greeting me right away with a compliment and a kiss.  Saying to me, “You are even prettier in person. Now let’s just get this over with” and he kissed me for the first time.  Once inside his home I saw the wine was Already poured and waiting for me.  We sat and enjoyed our juice while laughing over numerous banter. Finally we chose to go get dinner and walked the six blocks to the town square. We had more drinks and ate a yummy meal while sitting outside In a romantic courtyard, discussing what foods to try. It was a lovely meal and the company was equally as lovely. 

We walked back to his home after our three hour meal and he reminded me how to play poker. (Of course quick to suggest strip poker but since I would be completely naked in three round and was just relearning it seemed like a bad idea. )  We played cards, drank more wine and jaw jacked for hours.  Finally I fell asleep in his very comfortable guest room,  which he actually rewashed all of the sheets just for me, in nonscent – non dye  detergent, because I mentioned once I had sensitive skin. 

I slept like a dream with only The birds to wake me up. I texted him to see if he was awake and he soon walked into my borrowed room with this  


Had I just met Prince Charming? Pinch me am I awake?  It was so yummy I ate every bit of it up! I will so be seeing this man again. 

Just another first date in single Lola-land 

Oh Naughty Me

Sometimes a girl just needs to be bad; Don’t you agree?  I was feeling very amorous this evening. Having had a flirty conversation that got me a little revved up inside, I needed a place to transfer all of my pent up energy on. 
I have a FWB (friend with benefits) that I had not called on in quite some time, so I was not sure if the friendship still fell under the same guidelines. So, I gave him a call to feel out the water and see if He might be receptive to a visit.  It was like no time had passed at all when we spoke and without straight up asking I was definitely given the ” OK to call whenever” sign  (Love that). 

Little did he know I was thinking right then sounded good to me. So, I went to my room and took every single thing I had on, off.  I then put on this very tight, very short slip of a summer dress, with nothing on underneith. I blowdried my hair to make it really wavy. I then added my usual false eyelashes and pink shimmer lipgloss and I was ready to walk out the door. 

I felt so sexy driving to his house. I felt like I do when I vacumn in just a G-string and bra.  I knew what I was planning and no one else did and that excited me. The fabric of my car seat on my bare ass excited me. Cars drove by and I wondered if they could see my boobs bouncing around without their normal containment, and that made me excited.  It was a wonderful drive I must say. 

He lives down a really long private road that he shares with a few neighbors here and there, no one you can see from the road or from his home.  As I got right in front of his house I quickly pulled the dress off and threw it on the passenger seat. I saw him sitting on his porch when I pulled up, he was on the phone. 

I heard him him say to the stranger on the other end, “oh LoLa’s here”.

 I got out of my car and walked through the  arbor so he could finally see me. His eyes grew very large and after a long Pause he said into the phone. “She’s completely naked dad” (oh my god! Is all I can think. This relationship can never be serious because I can now, Never meet this mans dad).  

He keeps talking to HIs DAD, “umm no she’s pretty much butt naked. She has nothing on but A purse!” 

With that. I let him take another up and down scan of my body and then I walked away slowly, swinging my hips just enoug as I walked into his house.  Once inside I heard him say, “uh hu, uh hu, yeah uh hu, hey dad, uh hu hey umm. Dad” I could hear his frustrations. Then the resolve where he actually listened and then finally he was able to speak,

“Dad, she really was completely Naked!” 

To which his father said, “oh well, you better go take care of that.” 

Within seconds my FWB was rushing through the front door and swooping me up into his arms. 

Good times in LoLa Land 

A Horse Of Course

  I’m having a relationship with a horse of course. (And no not in some sort of romantic sense). My ex boyfriend, boards this big horse named Savoy.  He is a big guy much like my ex boyfriend, the slope of his back is above my eye level. I find it quite intimidating when he stands next to me. And even more so intimidating when he’s trotting towards me. 

  But, Savoy always stops short of knocking me down and gets right up Close to me so that I can feel his Body hair on my skin. He loves to nudge me with his mammoth head and it knocks me off balance every time. And every time he does it I giggle like a school girl. I like that he seems to want my attention. (Thank god something does).  

  One of my favorite things to do is to brush him and give him treats. It’s a ritual thing I do when ever I see my ex. It brings peace to my heart while relaxing me too. And I think Savoy enjoys it aswell. I will talk to savoy like he is a person. I will walk around his pen while I tell him about my day and he walks along with me. I love to stand in his favorite spot in the corner under a tree. It’s always shadey and has the best view.    

I always look forward to Seeing Savoy. I get excited when I know I will see him soon. Even though the sweetheart and I are no longer together, he still lets me come over so I can get my time in with the Savoy. Maybe that’s because when we broke up I pretty much said, “fine! But I’m still coming to see Savoy!” I think I love that horse more than him or maybe he thinks Savoy loves me too? 

I’m sick

There was one other holiday where I was sick, it was Easter.  I was about 12, and I spent the entire day vomiting.  That Easter sucked, much like this fourth of July. As it is 30 years later and I am sick again.   

My body aches everywhere and my head hurts. My neck feels like it’s a metal vice, and it’s been there all day. My arms have no strength, they hurt to raise, forget using them for any useful purpose.  I must let them swing about by my waste as the useless appendages that they have become.  My eyes are watering constantly, while my throat is dry. My nose is so snotty, I have used two boxes of Kleenex today. My lips are chapped because  breathing out my nose is not an option.  Even my teeth are killing me. I wish Someone would please bring me the Kleenex with the aloe on them. 

I don’t have the physical strength to move much less work out. I don’t have the mental strength to think, much less work.  My brain feels like someone sucked all the fuel from my engine and the gears are starting to grind.  Ask me simple question like, ” are you ok?” And I may just loose my mind.  

My entire body aches everywhere, from my hair folicols to the tops of my toes. Just laying in my bed feels like I battled in some war and I lost. I look in the mirror expecting to see bruises everywhere but nothing is there  Just my grey looking skin, bags under my eyes, swollen face, red nose and lips that are almost bleeding, do you want to give me a kiss? 

If I had a man he would probably run screaming from the building. Worried he may be buried alive in snot rags. I would beg him to rub my aching back and put some Vicks vapor rub on my chest. Bring me some honey in lemon in hot water and if I moan in discomfort, stroke my messed up hair and lie to me, that I’m still beautiful even when I’m on deaths door.   But, I have no man to do all of that so instead I will just lay here and wallow in self pity.  

 I really hate being sick!

Happy Independence America

Tonight I had a wonderful evening celebrating the night before our Independence Day. It was a fun festive event of “barbecuing with neighbors ” and visiting with friends and families. 

I drove with my BFF, who is in town visiting, to her aunts home, in a different town. Where a huge center park resides surrounded by home line streets. All the neighbors pretty much opened their doors and shared food, drinks, music, whatever they could with their neighbors  and friends. And after hours of celebrating we all joined in the park to watch a great display of fireworks. 

  It was a beautiful night to be apart of. Most of the people were wearing red, white or Blue, eating and dancing together. Bands played and jumpie houses were used. You could here laughter and easy chatter coming from everywhere. I was  so proud of my country tonight. I was proud to be apart of such a great community based celebration. It was so lovely to see people getting along and celebrating with one another. 

I hope you all have a joyful 4th of July aswell. 


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