Heels  make Men Unattractive 

You’re probably thinking “well yah? Men aren’t supposed to wear heels so….?”  But, that’s not what I mean. What I mean is, every time I wear heels, I find very few men attractive. I am not admitting to being so superficial that I only care about looks in a man.  I have had boyfriends who are not good looking, but I fell in love with them, not their looks. It this case it has everything to do with what catches my eye. 

What magical thing must a man have to get me to look? You know that first meet or glance when you don’t know the person at all. So you can’t base if you like them by their character or not. That one trait that appeals to me more than anything else is height! I LOVE a tall man.  The taller and bigger framed the better. Not fat, but wide shoulder and big strong arms… (Oy, I’m getting all excited over here). 

When I wear heels, I become taller then most men and I hate it.  I suddenly become obvious to all men because I am this voluptuous blonde towering over them. (I don’t know if they like what they see, but I do know they see me). However, all I see are the tops of their ( usually) balding heads.   On these rare nights I usually start wondering if the new CSI has been recorded yet, instead of winking at the cute guy at the other end of the bar.  It’s the funniest thing, it’s almost like if a man is not at my eye level or above, I can’t even see them. 

I rectify this problem by not wearing herls a lot.  Infact I typically only wear them when I already have a tall date or I just don’t care if I see or meet anyone, I just want to wear my heals.  Basically as a single woman who wants love someday, heels are detrimental. 


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