A Horse Of Course

  I’m having a relationship with a horse of course. (And no not in some sort of romantic sense). My ex boyfriend, boards this big horse named Savoy.  He is a big guy much like my ex boyfriend, the slope of his back is above my eye level. I find it quite intimidating when he stands next to me. And even more so intimidating when he’s trotting towards me. 

  But, Savoy always stops short of knocking me down and gets right up Close to me so that I can feel his Body hair on my skin. He loves to nudge me with his mammoth head and it knocks me off balance every time. And every time he does it I giggle like a school girl. I like that he seems to want my attention. (Thank god something does).  

  One of my favorite things to do is to brush him and give him treats. It’s a ritual thing I do when ever I see my ex. It brings peace to my heart while relaxing me too. And I think Savoy enjoys it aswell. I will talk to savoy like he is a person. I will walk around his pen while I tell him about my day and he walks along with me. I love to stand in his favorite spot in the corner under a tree. It’s always shadey and has the best view.    

I always look forward to Seeing Savoy. I get excited when I know I will see him soon. Even though the sweetheart and I are no longer together, he still lets me come over so I can get my time in with the Savoy. Maybe that’s because when we broke up I pretty much said, “fine! But I’m still coming to see Savoy!” I think I love that horse more than him or maybe he thinks Savoy loves me too? 


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