Oh Naughty Me

Sometimes a girl just needs to be bad; Don’t you agree?  I was feeling very amorous this evening. Having had a flirty conversation that got me a little revved up inside, I needed a place to transfer all of my pent up energy on. 
I have a FWB (friend with benefits) that I had not called on in quite some time, so I was not sure if the friendship still fell under the same guidelines. So, I gave him a call to feel out the water and see if He might be receptive to a visit.  It was like no time had passed at all when we spoke and without straight up asking I was definitely given the ” OK to call whenever” sign  (Love that). 

Little did he know I was thinking right then sounded good to me. So, I went to my room and took every single thing I had on, off.  I then put on this very tight, very short slip of a summer dress, with nothing on underneith. I blowdried my hair to make it really wavy. I then added my usual false eyelashes and pink shimmer lipgloss and I was ready to walk out the door. 

I felt so sexy driving to his house. I felt like I do when I vacumn in just a G-string and bra.  I knew what I was planning and no one else did and that excited me. The fabric of my car seat on my bare ass excited me. Cars drove by and I wondered if they could see my boobs bouncing around without their normal containment, and that made me excited.  It was a wonderful drive I must say. 

He lives down a really long private road that he shares with a few neighbors here and there, no one you can see from the road or from his home.  As I got right in front of his house I quickly pulled the dress off and threw it on the passenger seat. I saw him sitting on his porch when I pulled up, he was on the phone. 

I heard him him say to the stranger on the other end, “oh LoLa’s here”.

 I got out of my car and walked through the  arbor so he could finally see me. His eyes grew very large and after a long Pause he said into the phone. “She’s completely naked dad” (oh my god! Is all I can think. This relationship can never be serious because I can now, Never meet this mans dad).  

He keeps talking to HIs DAD, “umm no she’s pretty much butt naked. She has nothing on but A purse!” 

With that. I let him take another up and down scan of my body and then I walked away slowly, swinging my hips just enoug as I walked into his house.  Once inside I heard him say, “uh hu, uh hu, yeah uh hu, hey dad, uh hu hey umm. Dad” I could hear his frustrations. Then the resolve where he actually listened and then finally he was able to speak,

“Dad, she really was completely Naked!” 

To which his father said, “oh well, you better go take care of that.” 

Within seconds my FWB was rushing through the front door and swooping me up into his arms. 

Good times in LoLa Land 


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