How Thoughtful Is He?

A really good friend of mine asked me if he could give my number to a Friend of his. He said, “LoLa this guy Liam is just like you, totally happy all the time, full of life, sarcastic as all hell and single”. Of course that all sounded great to me, so he gives Liam my number. That was two weeks ago and Liam and I have started talking a lot. He is exactly as my friend said he is. He is funny, happy, sarcastic and even more sexually perverse then me and not even slightly bothered by my sexual candor. We couldn’t wait to meet one another but had to,  for two weeks, due to our alternating work schedules. Finally last night I got to meet him. 

The deal was, if I drive the 45 minutes to his house he would plan the evening for us, and he did. He also told me “bring your sleepover bag and stay in my guest room I don’t want you driving home late and I know we will have fun and you won’t want to leave. Your virtue is safe with me don’t worry I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. ”

When I arrived at his house he had left his parking spot open for me, and hung a rose on a string from the top of the carport. It was so sweet.  

 Greeting me right away with a compliment and a kiss.  Saying to me, “You are even prettier in person. Now let’s just get this over with” and he kissed me for the first time.  Once inside his home I saw the wine was Already poured and waiting for me.  We sat and enjoyed our juice while laughing over numerous banter. Finally we chose to go get dinner and walked the six blocks to the town square. We had more drinks and ate a yummy meal while sitting outside In a romantic courtyard, discussing what foods to try. It was a lovely meal and the company was equally as lovely. 

We walked back to his home after our three hour meal and he reminded me how to play poker. (Of course quick to suggest strip poker but since I would be completely naked in three round and was just relearning it seemed like a bad idea. )  We played cards, drank more wine and jaw jacked for hours.  Finally I fell asleep in his very comfortable guest room,  which he actually rewashed all of the sheets just for me, in nonscent – non dye  detergent, because I mentioned once I had sensitive skin. 

I slept like a dream with only The birds to wake me up. I texted him to see if he was awake and he soon walked into my borrowed room with this  


Had I just met Prince Charming? Pinch me am I awake?  It was so yummy I ate every bit of it up! I will so be seeing this man again. 

Just another first date in single Lola-land 


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