Maintaining A tidy pubic region is not just a females job anymore. Yes we all know the woman’s “bush” (ie. Pubic hair) has been a topic of conversation for years amongst both men and woman alike. What’s the style you like?  Is it the runway or landing strip? Do you go fully bald with the Brazilian? Are you all natural with long pubes growing everywhere? (Can you see your pubes from the back of your legs?) 

I have dated men who would actually have broken up with me or maybe never even entertained another date, if my pubic hair was not maintained to their liking (whatever those were…). Pubes, and how you have them trimmed or not trimmed has always been quite a big deal for some men and we woman have been trying to do what we can to keep them satisfied and happy for decades. 

I know a man who had nightmares of big bushy pubes and expectations from his lover for Orals. He told me once (and as he told me he became more and more aggetated)  that he would wake up in a panic some nights, after having a Nightmare about the sight of this random scary harry bush. He said, “I feared pubic hair poking me in the eyes!! Or a random pube going up my nose and causing me to cough!”  I was almost falling off my seat at the visual and just seeing how his demeanor was changing, just talking about it, he looked scared. Scared over hair, hhhhmmmm….

Fresh off a divorce I told this same hair traumatized friend, “now that you are divorced and heading into single land you should know a few things.”  He calmed down and listened. 

“Most single woman that you come accross you will find, will not be sporting the bushy bush anymore. ” 

He seemed so relieved instantly. 

I went on, “I can not quarantee you that there will be nothing at all in the way of pubes, but I can confirm that if she is bushy, she is likely NOT dating much. But!!! And I mean but, the same can be said for men!”

“What?” He asked me confused. 

“Men must now attend to their… Manscape” I replied. 

“What!” He almost shrieked. 

“Men are now shaving or waxing their own … Pelvic area so that while we woman are performing fellatio we are not riddled with long hairs going up our noses or poking us in the eye.” I said, pointing out his own fears to him. 

“You must be joking!? It’s not like we are all smooth and easy to shave like you guys are! Your pulling my leg… Or something else!!!” He says loudly as he’s laughing hysterically. 

I just stood there and looked at him. I waited for him to realize I was not kidding, it took him a few minutes. 

As his chuckles started to Diminish he started to look serious. He asked, ” you’re serious?! Really? That’s rediculous!! Woman Can’t expect   us to control what’s going on down there! I mean I’ve got hair that grows on my dick for Christ sake!!” 

At this point I was getting irritated, he sounded like a baby. He was actually getting angry with me, for pointing out today’s standards. My friend was being kind of a dick. 

He just looked at me for awhile waiting for me to say Just Kidding; But, I never did. 

“How am I supposed to do that? ” he asked me very irritated. 

I then let out my own chuckle. “Really? We woman have been shaving, tweezing, plucking, teasing, waxing, spraying and even injecting all to stay beautiful for you men for….EVER! Have you ever once heard of any woman, asking a man how to do it? Dude, you need to go talk to some of your buddies who are single and get the lowdown on the manscape and let them tell you how to get it done.” 

I walked away thinking to myself, “he’s going to have to make some changes. Wait until he finds out forplay is now expected to take longer than a commercial break.” 

Just another fun conversation with friends in LoLa-Land. 


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