Water conservation

I feel like I’ve been conserving water my whole life. When I was still in grade school my mom decided to change paths, quit her job and go back to school. My dad shouldered the financial burden of four kids, a wife and the all bills for a year or two, while my mom finished her education. 

We needed to buckle down everywhere!  Suddenly our name brand cereal turned into a yellow box. We also started being more aware of turning electronics off when done with them and lights off when we left a room. The water conservation took many different changes on all of our parts. 

We started having timed showers or five minutes. We had to stop running water while brushing our teeth or washing our hands. We were to turn the water on to wet and rinse.  That may also have been when the drip system went into the front lawn. 

Now after 30 some odd years I still take quick showers and stop the water while brushing my teeth or suddsing up my hands. I even get mad at those electric sinks that keep running water even after I left the sink or pulled my hands away!  I will go so far as to piss my friends off by turning their water off if I see it just running and they aren’t using it.  I will even let the toilet “mellow when it’s just yellow” because we don’t need to flush EVERYTIME we urinate, do we?

My latest act of conversation is in the kitchen. For years now our beautiful state of California has been getting dryer and dryer and we are in crises mode. So, to help save even more water, I am now taking my largest “water boiling” pot, that holds two gallons of water and I have started placeing it in my sink or next to it. And I let it catch all the runoff water from rinsing veggies or washing hands into the pot. Evertime I don’t finish a glass of water I pour the excess water into the pot. Whenever I need to let something soak I will pour the old soaking water into the pot.  When the pot is full I carry it outside and pour it into my bushes, trees, or even the dying grass.  Whatever living plant I can find that seems to need fluids.

Your would be surprised how many times I will carry the pot outside to dump.  Sunday’s when I’m cooking and cleaning all day I will do three trips!!  Then I will usually dump my bucket twice during the week days too. If you think about it, that’s damn near 10 gallons of water a week that I was just letting run down the  drain.  What are you doing to conserved? If you have anyother good ideas please let me know. I am open to trying anything. 

Remember to conserve! 


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