Jumping to my…..

Today, I will be checking off another one of my bucket list items. Today I will be jumping out of an airplane. And yes, (as everyone seems to ask me the same question), a perfectly good airplane!!!

I don’t mind heights at all and I love wind. I have gone para-sailing a number of times, I loved those  adventures.  I’ve gone in a hot air balloon.  I loved being up high and seeing the earth. I love flying, especially the take off and landings. I love to watch the earth get small and then big again.  I love love love amusement park rides that take me all the way into the heavens and then drop me to the earth.  With regards to wind, I’m the girl you will see in the convertible with all the windows still down and my hair whipping everywhere. 

So bring it on!!  I got this, jumping from 10,000.00 feet is going to be wonderful.  Bring on the majestic beauty of the Santa Cruz shoreline and mountain tops. Bring on the sunset over the ocean.  Bring on the laughter and absolute joy for some of my girls and I.   I am going to love every single moment of it!

At least this is how I felt yesterday. Today I woke up with a very queasy feeling in my tummy. I am not having second thoughts but I am starting to feel a little bit freaked. My breath is shallow and quick and my chest seems really heavy. I do this every time. I get totally excited about doing something different and then right as it is about to happen, I flip out!!  But! I always go through with it! 

So here’s hoping last nights sleep, was not my Last Night of Sleep!  Here’s hoping my parachute opens and I arrive to the earth safely and happy. Here’s to no broken body parts or injuries for any of my friends or I. Here’s to it all going perfect and me not pooping my pants! 

Just another adventurous day in LoLa-Land 


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