An old lover and I went shopping this weekend for him to get some new clothes. He is always wearing really baggy clothes and I must say I found myself attracted to him once again, when he came out of the dressing room with a form fitting shirt on.  We tried to get him jeans but forever 21 sizes stop just before his size. Disappointed he turned to me and said “I must be 22?” ( he always makes me laugh). 

We headed off to express where we asked the clerk what sizes they had. She looked at me and said ” we have up to a 12 in stores and 18 online”. I thanked her and said, ” I actually meant for men?”  After we found out they had his size so, we had him try on a few pairs of jeans.   While waiting, I saw a dress on the manikin that I loved. Now I already knew my size is bigger than their largest size in the store, but I thought ” with the hell, I’ll just try it.”  I looked for the dress and only found mediums but the manikin had a large on. I asked the clerk if I could try on the manikins dress and she said “no problem whatsoever” and quickly removed it for me. 

Now, I was a little on edge making the clerk take the dress down and bring it to me, because there have been many years in my life where I could never even have dreampt of fitting into any of the clothes in Express or any other main stores in the mall. I would walk by and think “everything is so cute I wish I could wear those things” and then I would get depressed and walk into the fat store where I belonged. I guess on some core level I still think of myself as fat.  Some little voice insde of me said ” your gonna rip that dress just putting it over your big head!”

Once in the dressing room I took a big breath and slipped the dress over my head. Only to find that It didn’t fit, it was too baggy on me. I liked the length, which was right above my knee. But it wasn’t doing much for my body. I asked my friend what he thought and he said “it’s OK”. So then I went and got the medium, crazy as that seemed to me. I thought, “what the hell, why not”.  The medium seemed too tight.  I wasn’t sure, I thought it was a bit too short, so I asked My old lover what he thought. I can’t remember what he said besides, “get that one!” But I do believe he was drooling. 

I am in complete amazement that I fit into a medium. The damn thing must be missized. I think the store has their size chart screwed up? I don’t know? but I plunked down way more money than I normally do for that dress and I hope it’s not just because it’s a medium. I also hope it’s not  because of his response. I hope I threw caution to the wind because I LOVE it, but who knows, maybe it’s all three. 

Just Getting Skinnier in LoLa-Land



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