Natural Just gets Uglier

I am an all natural gal. I don’t dye my hair, I don’t fake tan (in fact I don’t even like to real tan. I just tan from being outside). I don’t like a lot of makeup and I don’t want any plastic surgery where anything is injected or stuffed in me. (I wouldn’t mind some stuff removed!) I don’t even really like to spend a lot of money on my appearance because it seems so wasteful, or I’m just to cheap? (I wonder if I was rich If I would spend the money?). Luckily for me, I like being natural as possible (I mean I do shower and shave), but I think natural looks pretty good on me. I’m sure I could look better if I put more effort into my looks, but I simply don’t want to. 

Sadly I am aging, and it seems my deterioration is happening faster and faster. Normally I have dealt with this dwindling of natural beauty with stride because everyone around me looked the same. When my boobs started dropping so were my girlfriends.  Not being perky anymore was ok because none of us were. When my facial lines started forming so did my girlfriends, everyone looked their age.  

Now suddenly it seems like I look older than most of the woman my age. When I remove my bra during a moment of intimacy with a man, he almost seems disappointed by my breast   offering. (This is new to me). I can’t compete with the fake boobs! Those woman take their bras off and everything stays where it was. Actually they don’t even need bras. I can’t stay Naturally young looking when people 10 years my senior look 20 years younger than me!!  

What do you do, when your still single and trying to be appealing to men and all the woman in your age group look 20 again and you don’t!?

Do I fall prey to the social stigma of remaining youthful. Spend my entire savings on a facelift and then hope to god its a good one?  Do I start injecting the same chemicals they put in dead bodies in my cheeks to make my naturally formed laugh lines disappear?  I’m not judging either. If a woman has the want and resources to change the things she hates them by all means “go for it” girl; but, that had never been my focus. 

But all of these changes we are making are sure making just “being natural” a whole lot uglier then I think it needs to be. 

Just another single realization in LoLa-Land 


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