Wrong Way Every Way

I was recently on a date, a third date, if you can believe that one?  We went and saw Mission Impossible #12 (swear to god I don’t know which one it is?  But, I liked it.). 

As customary for most woman even though I pee’d before I left the house 15 mins prior, when we got there, he went to the concession stand and I went straight to the bathroom. We then both met-up in the lobby, walked down the very long dim hall, and turned right into our theater.  

About half way through the film I had to pee again (and honestly this is why I hate paying $10 to go to the movies).  So, instead of really enjoying the movie I’m thinking “maybe if I turn slightly to one side my bladder won’t fill quite so heavy?”  I was actually excited when they were at the part of the big wrap-up final unveiling, because soon I would be able to go relieve my bladder. I think, the fact that I couldn’t pee or I would lose $2.00 worth of entertainment, made me even more aware of how badly I did need to go.

As soon as they started the MI theme song I was up and out of my seat. My date and I, Shimmied past people to get to the door. ( the movie was over and no one was getting up, it was weird). We walked through the double doors and into the dimly lit hallway, only now it was just a dimly lit box. Trying to focus my eyes I looked to the right and saw two EXIT ONLY doors.  So, I turned to my left, and started to walk down the long hall. But the hall was gone!  

To the left was suddenly a wall? I was so disorientated and confused.  All I could think, “is this Hogwarts? Are we moving or are the walls?”  At this point it is still just my date and I standing in this bizarre moment. I do a complete 360 turn looking for the damn hall I know I walked down to get here. I still have to pee desperately, I was NOT going through the EXIT! So I keep surveying the situation, There is nothing, just the theater behind us ( I was hoping that was still there), Exit doors to the right, a wall with a normal size movie poster, and to the left a wall with a huge movie poster on it. 

That’s when I saw the sliver of light. It was coming out from the side of the huge movie poster. My date noticed this at the at the same time and it suddenly became clear to us both what was going on. The theater workers apparently use this free standing poster that takes almost the entire width of the hall way, to usher the patrons who leave theaters to go out the exit and not back toward the lobby. 

I was actually irritated by this. I pushed the standing poster to the side and walked back down the now visible, long hall back to the bathroom.  The workers looked at my date and I irritated and I gave them the same look right back. I didn’t appreciate the corralling or purposeful directing of my departure out of the cinema. 

Oh well just another confusing date in LoLa-land 


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