There are Good Men

You know I talk a lot of smack, especially about the men I come accross in my life.  Lord knows I have had some pretty crazy experiences and everyone says I need to write a book. But, I have also had some pretty amazing gifts bestowed on me from some of these crazy men. For some reason, This morning I am feeling pretty blessed. 

In the last three months I have had two care packages delivered to my door. One was from the “disappearing act” and one from a man named Bill (or billy or Mac or buddy).  Both men were thoughtful enough to take something I said in passing and go all out for me.  I mentioned to Mr. disappear that I was having a really bad period with cramps and moodiness galore and when I got home that night on my door step was a care package with chocolate, some wine and even big smoothie straws for my morning smoothie. It was such a wonderful gift, I was flattered by his thoughtfulness!  As for Bill, I asked him to send me some veggie recipes and he sent me a recipe for ratatouille.  When I got home there was a basket of veggies, cheese, bread and wine sitting on my front porch (all the ingredients needed for his recipe) along with a very tall vase of beautiful flowers next to it. I almost cried it was all so beautiful! Both, gifts were made even more special because they were Complete surprises to me and It is so hard to surprise me. 

One of the best gifts and also a surprise I ever got from a man was from Managment. He had my house cleaned while I was on a trip once. So I came home and my expectedly dirty home was clean.  I think I did cry that time. 

I can’t tell you the number of flower arraignments and bottles of wine I have been given. On my birthday week I had three different flower arraignments from three different men on my dining room table. I felt like I was a florest! 

Then there are the wonderful things men have done for me just to be nice. Things like coming over to blow up my bike tires because I have no pump. Snakeing clogs from my sink, bringing tall ladders to replace bad batteries in smoke detectors. Giving me great deals on furniture.  

Recently “the sweetheart” gave me a new power drill. When I asked him why on earth he was giving me a drill?! He said, “I want to thank you for your help with Savoy (his horse) and replace the drill “Big Red” stole from you. Not all men are assholes LoLa”. 

More and more of them are proving him right; I must admit I am starting to see the light. It’s not about the gifts or the favors.     It’s also about the respect level and the amount of care men can show. I seem to be running into more and more of these types of men. (Or maybe I’m making better choices) I see now that men  have the capacity to be thoughtful and romantic. I think all men can be assholes or act like assholes; just like we woman can be  bitches. But, yes I will confess I see that there are good men out there. 


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