360° View

Last nights date and I were hanging out at his house, sipping wine, cooking dinner and chillin, when he suddenly jumped up out of his patio chair and said, ” come on!” He then left the room. So, of course I followed.  We went up the steepest set of stairs to his master bedroom. ( I’m thinking “really? Was that some exciteabke way to get me into bed”? But, I said nothing). He then walked over to the bedroom window which over looks the front of the house and popped out the screen. He then proceeded to climb out onto the ledge of his roof. 

Turning back to me he says again,  “come on”!

( now I can hear my moms voice saying, ” if your friends jumped off the Golden gate Bridge what do you do it too?”) I was intrigued and this man has been nothing but kind and sweet to me; so I followed him on to the ledge.  From there, we walked to the side of his window that we just climbed out of, to where the roof shot up next to it, at a 130° angle. We walked up this portion roof to where the top of the window was and I thought that was it. But, my date kept going, apparently his bedroom has vaulted  ceilings. (This final  part made me pucker, I’m not gonna lie). With no window for which to walk up next to, nothing to hold onto, and at a steep 115° angel I climbed on all fours over a gutter and up to the very bird shit covered tip of his roof. He was already there drinking his beer as I looked for a no shit zone to pop a squat on. 

That’s when I finally saw it and figured out why he had called me there, like a bird on the ledge that I already am. It was the sunset! It was a 360° view and It was breathtaking. I could see over every home for miles. I could see every single treetop and street lamp. As for the magnificent sky I could see every cloud, every streak of cool Ambers, salmon, mixed with the blues and purples of the sky.  I found the view prettier then the one I saw on the hot air balloon. 

It truly was a magical moment. One that made me miss my sunsets at the beach, It’s been so very long since I’ve seen one . I will admit though, this one was pretty damn amazing!  I would go up on the roofs peek again anyway.  



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