Free Garage Chickens For Sale!

I love the “sweetheart”, he knows it and I know he loves me.  I wouldn’t say either of us are in love with the other. But, we do refer to each other as our spouses. He is my  pseudo-husband and I am pseudo-wife. We call each other this because ever since we were dating each other we have always been their for one another.  I know I can count on him for pretty much anything at anytime and visa a versa. So, when he asked me to chick sit I didn’t even hesitate to say “yes”.  

Originally when he proposed I chick sit for him for a few days, to a week, he had four cute baby chicks in a brown box under a heat lamp in his home. They were adorable  and I loved the little chirping sounds they’d make. I said, “of course! I can put them in the living room”.  However, when he brought the chicks to me, he had transferred them into a larger makeshift wood and mesh coop. The coop has an opening in the top so I could feed them. He left this chicken prison in my garage because it’s so big, we could not get the damn thing through any of my house doors.  

Chicks on arrival


I didn’t mind helping “the sweetheart” out because I know he would do the same for me. But, things are starting to get a little out of control! 
It’s been two weeks! And I’m not sure when he’s coming home.  He left for work and his job just keeps getting postponed and jacked up.  Last I heard they had to bulldoze everything down and start over.  I asked him, “babe! When are you coming home?” His exact words were, “I don’t know”.  So, Now I literally don’t know what to do!? 

I feel horrible for these chickens! It’s hot and dark in my garage.  They are living in a box full of shit that they are literally out growing it;  They have gotten so big! They refuse to stand on the coops floor because it’s so crapped on and caked with food. He left me with no means to clean their cage (because he didn’t think I would have to) and I’m not sure how I would, with them in the it. 

I can tell they hate being in their box from hell. They have all grown so big that when I put my hand in the cage to fill up the water, I get pecked at.  They have tried to fly out of the top of the cage and have come full wing-span at my face.  I start screaming every time because I’m so freaked out by their attacks.  I know  they just want out of this prison their in, I really can’t blame them. But, when they fly at me I feel like I’m in some horror show, like the twilight zone. 

They have started protesting as well. They now knock over their water bowls almost as soon as I fill them up. I think it’s in elaborate escape plan. They just want me to open their prison doors more often. They have figured out how to rattle me! Chickens may not be that stupid after all! (Or they are and they just keep jumping into their water bowls and knocking them over, I don’t know?)  

The smell is horrible. I can smell chicken shit when I’m sitting in my living room. I try to leave the big garage door open when ever I can, for as long as I can, just to get some fresh air in. But, people get robbed in my neighborhood all the time. I try to leave the light on for them for most of the day so they don’t get scared.  Now I’m worried I’m going to get rats. I’ve seen them in the streets but never in my home or in my garage.  

Needless to say I’m a little freaked out by all of this and I really want to be done being the mother hen.  I told “the sweetheart” that I was going to have a ” chiken sale” or just let them free in my neighborhood.  He wasn’t to cool with either of my suggestions. His being, ” take them to my house!” 

Like, 1- I could get the coop in my small economy car. 2- are the chicks ready for the great out doors and finding their own food and shelter?

(I really am the worried mother hen, oy!). The funny thing is if these chickens can just stay alive and safe until “the sweetheart” gets home, they will end up having very sweet lives. He will let them roam free on his property all day and make sure they are safe in their coop at night no matter what.  All he expects in return is eggs and quite frankly I expect some now too. 

Just another crazy few weeks in LoLa-Land

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