Day 1. Captains Log

Day 1. Captains Log

No seriously. Haha that’s how I feel though

Ok let’s try this again. 

Day 1. Bucket list trip

I left the west coast for the east coast yesterday.  Once at the airport in NYC, I grabbed my luggage and jumped in the cab. After the 30 minutes it took to deal with the traffic on the Williamsberg bridge, we we’re heading into the west village. I’ve been here before so nothing shocks me.  The fact that I heard more horns blare in 30 minutes then I have in two years where I live, was noted but not surprising.   You could tell it was Friday night in the city. There were people everywhere, it was a flurry of fun and entertainment.  I almost thought it would be better to just get out and walk to the restaurant because people would walk past my cab and it would take us 5 minutes to catch up to them. 

Once finally at the restaurant I met up with three of my guys (gays) that I hang with while I’m here.  They had been at the restaurant for hours already but stayed a few more hours so I could finally get a meal in me. It was now about 11 pm New York time and 8pm California time.  I don’t know how many drinks I had.  The guys just kept ordering them.  But our bill was over $500. I was thankful someone else paid for it or I would have had to go home already for spending all my money. Lol/ cry

We finally grabbed my suitcase and walked to their Fifth floor walk up. First stopping for more booze. We proceeded to talk and laugh, hypothesis and strategize about Fashon and trends for hours in their small kitchen. Only to determine in our drunken state that Fashon trends are much like the weather and you can’t depend on knowing what’s gonna happen at all.  

Somewhere around 4am we all decided it was time for bed.  I don’t remember going to sleep.  But I did wake up at 8 am this morning on the couch with my sleep mask next to me instead of over my eyes and my nightshirt was inside out and backwards. It was  fun night in NYC and I’m already exhausted. I’m sure tonight will be much of the same. 

Just another NY minute in LoLa-Land


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