Day 5. Bucket List Trip

The Gondala Ride 

Today’s adventure had Johnny and I experiencing another bucket list item, the gondola ride.  He paid for the extended tour of the smaller canals and longer ride so we could enjoy the full experience.  ( he so fricken sweet). 


The Gondala ( not us in it)

Our gondola captain was a second generation, as his father did the same thing his whole life.  He told us that there used be many more people living on the island but because it is so expensive to live here many people have moved away, leaving roughly 60,000 locals on the island.  Tourism is their biggest money maker and in their busy season they can have up to 140,000 tourists in Italy at a given time.  

The large stone building that resemble small castles used to be owned and Inhabited by one family each.  Now do to rising costs they have divided these large homes into multy family apartments. Sometimes three or four to a home.  The rents on an apartment on the main canal is $10,000 euro a month. For a apartment off the main canal is roughly $5000.00 euro a month.  For a small room in some back alley apartment is $800.00 euro a month. 

It was lovely getting the download from our Gondala driver and then having him sing to us in his deep baritone voice.  Not once did he run into anything during our trip.  Which surprised me because the Gondala was so long and the canals are so narrow. Do to the fact that all of the streets are water there are many small bridges that help you get around town.  We traveled under at least 25 of them and each time the driver had to duck to avoid slamming his body into it. He told us that they are unable to work during high tides because there is not enough room to get the boats under the bridge. 

Sometimes there were multiple boats coming toward us and yet they all seemed to know exactly what to do. They use boats for all of their food deliveries, their ambulance or just as a car to get from A to B.  Here is one of the boats we passed, both Johnny and the Gondala driver thought this was funny.  

He looks beat. Hell I would be to if that was my job. 


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