Day 6 Bucket List Vacation

Americans Among The Masses

Johnny and I had the funniest experience tonight for dinner.  The clouds decided to wash the earth here today so instead of sitting in our typical outside seats at a cafe for dinner, so we can people watch, we had to stay in the hotel and eat inside. The restaurant was small, packed and so very loud.  We were happy when the other diners started to leave and we were one of two tables left.

The other table had two woman sitting at it,  that Johnny and I assumed were lesbians until they started talking to us from across the room. As it turns out, they were a mother and daughter from Scottsdale Arizona. Who coincidently used to live in my city in California in the 90’s and the daughter now works in Johnnys industry and they have a few mutual friends.  (Small world right?) 

We all hit it off swimmingly and took our impromptu party to the bar where Johnny and I introduced them to the wonderful Lemonchello and they introduced us to the secret caves behind the hotel. We called it “searching for Alice in Wonderland” as we explored a maze of paths through this secret garden of caves. After having two moments of silence for the obliterated snails I flattened with my flip flops we came into a completely stone dome, that we later found out is where the hotel,stores their cheese because of its constant cool temperature.  The dome had the most amazing acoustics I have ever heard and we all started to “OMMM” together and it sounded so beautiful. I couldn’t help bust out with a small portion of “Ava Maria” which I never do In front of people, but I couldn’t help myself the sound was so perfectly intense. 

We then found our way back through the gravely gardens maze, managing to escape slaughtering any more defensless snails ! And headed back to the bar where we were joined by a sweet old Irish couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.  They said to us, ” we heard the loud Americans and just knew this was where the party is at.” To which we all laughed and were by no means offended. 

 We all sat and jaw jacked, laughed and had a wonderful time until the bartender kicked us out, as it was closing time.  It was at this point that the daughter from the mother – daughter combo told Johnny he was her new gay husband. I instantly said, “back off sister he is mine. Always has been and always will be!” Johnny was cracking up at the two of us straight woman fighting over him.  Then the old Irish lady pulls him aside leaving her husband with us and says to him about me, “She doesn’t love you.  Come home with me!”  I think she missed the fact that he is gay.

Just another normal evening in LoLa-land. 



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