Day 7. Bucket List Trip

“Taking a three hour tour” ( let’s not end up like Gilligan’s crew)
This morning Johnny and I took off early, throwing caution to the wind and rain and got into another private taxi to head over to Murano where they make the most amazing glass sculptures and chandeliers. (I wish I could have taken pics of the show room as it was filled with the most beautiful works of glass art that I have ever seen).  

Murano , Italy

We had a private tour of the fire room where they actually produce such works by dipping a long metal rod into a specially blended sand. When torched at extremely high temperatures the sand starts to harden. The glass masters who train from the age of 12 and who are in a long list of generations of glass masters, are then able to perform their art.  


They blow into the cold end of the long rod and it balloons the developing glass into a bubble. Once the bubble is the size the like, they shape it using metal tools. To add different glass colors to the developing object they layout smaller glass pieces on what looks like a cookie sheet and role the boiling hot art their making over the top of the small pieces, which are instantly picked up and melt into the form.  

  the Fire Room 

They will do this process over and over again. Making the art work larger or to add more and more layers of color to the object. It takes a team of three glass masters to perform this task. Once the object what ever it may be, is shaped and colored just the way they want it, they snap it off the end of the rod and then place it in a fire burning oven to cool down slowly. To make one small drinking glass can take 8 minutes and three different men. Can you imagine how much time it takes to make one of their amazing chandeliers?  

    Formed glasses in the oven 

I’ve never been a big glass fan I must say, unless it is stained glass. When buying jewelry I have always preferred stones over glass. But, the intricacies of their work were so impressive I would have loved a necklace made from their beads. However, based on the amount of time and work it takes to make each piece the items for sell ranged from $20 euro for a small bead to hundred thousand euros for a large statue or chandelier. (Let me tell you, being the klutz I am, I was puckered the entire time I was in the showroom).  


 When we were done with our tour we made our way around the beautiful town. Pretty much all of the stores were filled with the same items and everything was glass. Even the art in the courtyards were made of glass, including this amazing sculpture. 

Luckily, unlike Gilligan and his crew, we made it back to our little hotel in Venice without getting lost at sea. 


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