Day 9. Bucket List Trip

I’m on top of the world mom. 

The guys and I went to Boboli Gardens today.  It is nestled right downtown Florence and it houses several smaller  gardens as well. It was a nice break from all the people and noise. There were not a lot of flowers but ever green and beautiful with tons of Ancient Greek statues. 

We walked past a central pond with a huge statue in the middle and right there my heart began to ache. My chest very heavy and my throat became tight. I could feel I had been in that place before in another life but it was not a good life for me. I could feel the spirits all around me and Johnny felt them too. We wondered if we had been there together.  I wondered what happened to me? Was I a soldier who died in the war? Was I a pedant who died of the plaque? It was something bad I know that. 

  As we left that garden both johnny and I started to feel better. We then made our way up the hill to the castle that the walls that used to protect the city from soldiers came together.  It was so extraordinarily beautiful and sad.   

 Beautiful because of the landscape. You could see what looks like all of Florence. It was sad because you realize that men died there protecting their family and friends. The Italians did a very telling art instillation to remind you of this fact. 

 I felt very somber walking around this area. I felt as though I needed to walk softly as the entire location was what seemed the most beautiful grave. 

We continued up the hill to where we found a little cafe we were able to sit and see the city, while drinking champagne and eating chocolate ice cream.  

 I asked the server if he realized how wonderfully lucky he was to have the job with the best view ever and he said, “yes I know”. 

It was a beautiful day. I hope you all have a wonderful day too!



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