Day 11. Bucket List Trip

Missing Home Now Pass The Vino

Today these amazing men treated me to a private tour of the Chianti region of Italy.  We jumped in a Mercedes’s (as all cars here seem to be Mercedes) minivan with Angelo (our driver and guide) and we drove the hour outside of Florence to the wine country.

   Jonny and I were struck instantly at how much the area reminded us of our little home town in Northern California. With lush green sweeping hills and valleys of vineyards, it took us both back. (I got instantly home sick) Of course our hometown has no castles built before Christ nestled in it. Or the home that Leonardo  D’ivincci painted the Mono Lisa in. But, we could  sure see where he got the backdrop to that masterpiece and how beautiful of a setting it was for him to paint in. The entire region just dripped of ancient stories. We even went through the town where the writer of Pinochio grew up  

 We stopped at an amazing winery, Foggio Amorelli.   It was one of the oldest established wineries  in the area.  The owner and wine maker Marco, personally gave us a tour of his property, while they were in the middle of a crush. (Where they process their freshly picked grapes). Being an old winery employee in my home town, I knew exactly what they were doing and the smell of the barrel room just took me back to the years of working in that industry.

All Chianti wine made in the region is noticeable by the black rooster that can be found at the top of each bottle. Our guide told us how the black rooster became the symbol for the Chianti region.  Apparently, back before Christ, Florence and Siena were fighting over who’s land was who’s and where the property line for each region stopped and started. They could not come to an agreement on this. So, they each let one rooster free from the center of their towns and let the roosters run towards each other. Where the roosters met was the new property line. Hence the black rooster became the symbol for the region and if a bottle says its from the chianti region, it should also yield that rooster icon. 

  The wines here in Italy are amazing!  Having worked for a award winning wine maker for years, he raised my pallet, so I am now a hard woman to please when it comes to my Vino.  After the tour of the winery, The guys and I were then escorted upstairs to a room above the winery.  This is where they proceeded to let us sample their new And reserve wines, along with some amazing plates of food. My favorite being the final course of four different cheeses that needed to be dipped in any of the following provided for toppings; fresh honey, jam or balsamic. It was truly a stomach pleaseing, throat warming and soul healing meal. 




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