Day 12. Bucket List Trip 

Bring some more Art into my life

Today Johnny and I went to see the Uffizi museum in Florence. It was kind of a pain to get into with lots of lines (even though we had reservations). But I had a friend tell me going there changed her life,  I was so excited to see it. 

However, the first floor was pretty much dedicated to paintings of the Vigin Mary and baby Jesus.  I am not a religious person. Growing up Catholic I hated going to church where the half naked bloody man hung from the Cross above me and glared at me. So whenever I get into churches or am subjected to a lot of religious views I shut down. 

Johnny who is much like me in regards to his lack of interest in religion and I rushed through the first floor. Where we finally found art that we wanted to look at. Like their amazing statues of all the gods and Greek goddesses.  

How they were able to etch and chisel such percise and intricate work into such hard stones in a time when our kind of machinery was not available, is amazing to me.  They had huge works that took up an entire wall with several men’s profiles captured on it without screwing up is astounding. What did they do if they accidentally chipped a nose off? It’s not like they could just glue it back on? 

I was looking at a beautiful painting when all of a sudden I turned and saw a painting I have always wanted to see.  Right behind me was the “la nascita di Verne” or in English the “birth of Venus”.  I squeled and said to Johnny, “look Johnny it’s me!”.

There has been several times in my life that different people have told me “you look like the woman in the shell”. I’ve always taken it as a compliment and was honored by their statement.  I think Venus is beautiful and that has always been one of my favorite paintings. 

They had many other famous works that I was exited to See.  
Works of art like these two that I have had on postcards, books and notepads since I was a young girl, and I finally got to see them in person. 

As far as museums go, I am sure I will never go back to the Uffizi but I was glad I went once. However, I think the Metropoletin in New York had so many more wonderful works of art and I’d go back there 50 times if I could. 


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