Day 13. Bucket List Trip

Rome in a day!

So we pulled into Rome and looked at the weather and the report predicted rain and thunder storms the entire time we were here (Very sad), apart from today. Luckily our hotel room has An amazing view of Rome. 

So we made the decision to head out on foot and try to see EVERYTHING We could. And that is exactly what we did. We walked away from our hotel at 10:30am and didn’t come back by cab until 6:30pm. We walked almost 8 miles and saw so many things. 

First was the park we had to walk through Prince Park, which it just, beautiful and huge. Here are some of the sites there.  

umbrella pines.

Then we stopped at a park food cart and got a late breakfast. Doughnuts, popcorn and one ice cream.  (I know, real healthy right? But the sugar kept us going). 

We them found the Spanish steps which are really cool and all Marble. There are 133 steps that were built in 1717, to help people get up the steep hill to the church above. 

view from half way up


looking back up (shitty place for an add people)


me on the steps


view from up top of the steps.

It was pretty cool to walk down them knowing how many people have probably walked them through out time. (I’m sure I’ve walked them before in another life).  And yet a bit of a nail biter as they all slant slightly forward. 

Once down the steps we wandered the little cobblestone streets looking at shops and stopped for some Vino.  Then we stumbled on this beautiful church made for the sick and healers. It was breathtaking but I was worried I would get struck by litening the entire time I was in there. (The gods must have been on a vino break too.). 

 So much intricate paintings all over the ceiling and walls it was probably one of the prettiest church’s I’ve ever seen on the inside. (Yes growing up Catholic I’ve seen a few).

Since I was not struck down yet, I tempted fate again and went into that Pantheon, where to this day they still hold church service in.  The Pantheon was huge and impressive, with all of its marble walls and floors.  You feel like an ant when inside.  

panaramic of inside church


front Alter


very center of the roof is a hole


this pic from interent. mine didn’t come out right

After leaving the Pantheon we decided to eat some lunch and drink a few more bottles of Vino (Oy my poor liver!) We then set out to see the famous Trevi fountain which I have always wanted to see. The darn thing was closed for renovations :(. 


what fountain should look like

Then we did more shopping as we walked towards the great gladiator colloseum. (We will be doing a tour of this later so more pics to come. 

in panoramic

 It was at this point we stopped in The only gay friendly area of Rome and had some more Vino to finish our tour. Of course this was the only day I actually went down to the gym and worked out and then walked all those miles, so; I was a little bit tired. 

And that my friends was our Rome in a day!


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