Day 14. Bucket list Trip

Everyone Needs A Day Of Rest, Even on Vacation 

We all woke up today to find the weather man was actually right. It has been raining and cold, with really strong winds. It was an easily made collective decision to stay inside and enjoy the comforts of the hotel we are in. Besides the big comfy beds, amazing views  

 We also have a really amazing pool room to enjoy.  

Let me just tell you about this places inside pool area. (I would post pics but they are not allowed. So I took some from the website) the spa is located downstairs and is all dark and disco like, with multi colored lights changing in the ceiling.    

It’s a heated Olympic size pool. You never once feel cold even when you first get in. 

Right next to it (to the left you can kind of see ) they have six sections of hot tub type areas. Yes six!! And all different. This area is just as long as the pull but about a third as wide. The first section is just like a normal hot tub. You sit on a cement seat with jets hitting your back. (Nothing to write home about)

The second section has these awesome metal reclining chairs with neck rests (yes all of this is in water). When you sit on the chair you feel bubbles coming out of the arm rests and all over the seat which massage your entire body! It’s the most relaxing and therapeutic tub I’ve ever been in. I love how it makes my arms and calves feel.

The third section are like little pods. Circular sections you stand in by yourself. Then these huge bubbles start at your feet and practically push your legs up out of the water. This is like a foot and leg massage from the gods! Perfect for leg pain or sore butts from walking. 
The fourth section (which is the only one I have a picture of),


There are three waterfalls that you stand under. The water shoots out so quickly, it almost hurts. Johnny said his necklace almost broke from the force. The injured should not try these it can be too much force, Especially on your head. But, if you just hold on and relaxe a bit, it’s like the best shoulder massage ever!

The fifth section looks just like a pool, but there are these metal bars coming out of the deck, that you hold on to. You then turn on the jets and hold the fuck on! Because the jets force your body from standing to laying position. This one gets your back or belly, depending on which direction your standing. And if you can manage to hold on tight enough and stay standing it will massage your feet as well. 

The sixth section is the only part not in the same body of water like the others are. Because they are two separate bodies of water. One is much hotter then the hot tub water and one is much colder. I think so, that you can get your pores and muscles to open or relaxe more depending of what you need. 
I usually get tired of being in a hot tub after 10 minutes or so (unless there’s a good looking man there). But, in this oasis of different aquatic massage treatments I’m in it for like an hour going from section to section changing the muscles I’m having massaged. 

If we only had this in a club where I lived! I would Join in a hot Minute. 


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