Day 15. Bucket List Trip

Damn The Rain Let’s go 

Today the guys and I decided we weren’t going to let a little crappy weather stand on the way of us seeing some more of the beautiful Rome sights. They hired a private guide to take us around to see some of the main attractions, while getting the history of it all. Which was great because we learned a lot while not having to be in a big group of other annoying tourists, or having to wear matching shirts. 

We first went to the Forum, which is where past leaders had their communes.  When you walk past the forum, which we had done our first day, it just looks like a bunch of ruble.  

Honestly I’m not sure, besides of course the history of it all why they haven’t rebuilt on the land. But, it was quite normal in the old days for emporers to build their own monuments and large walled-in compounds upon becoming leader.  While at the same time destroying every part of the last emporers buildings. This being their first act of power. Beyond the free standing columns left over not holding up or connecting to anything, you can also find many statues of old leaders with the heads cut off; A symbol that Rome was under a new leader. 

We then went (despite the rain) to the Coliseum.  It was exactly what I expected it to be, grand and sad at the same time. 

  There are 40 different entrances to the coliseum. Each entrance specific to one of the 40 different classes of people during that time. 

  If you look closely above the arch that they would enter from, you can see they are all numbered and depending on what class you were in, there was a door specific to your class.   


The wealthiest of the classes got to sit lower to the Coliseum floor. The poorest class were on the very top. The entire purpose of the coliseum was to bring the masses together for entertainment. 


  The gladiators were usually slaves or criminals, that would surly find their death in the arena. If by chance they could survive they could at some point buy their way out of either position. At that point the gladiators were revered by the people and lusted after by the wealthy woman, even though they were the lowest of classes. 

   They stored the animals and gladiators under the arena and to the sides where the forum was, until it was their turn to fight or die. It was all about a show for the masses so, apparently they would start the show by bringing out a 14 year old girl and a bull. Where the crowds would watch the bull rape her and then kill her by knawing her to bits. 

(There is no picture of this, thank god!)

It was also never as entertaining to have an even fight because what fun would that be? They would usually they would pair men with large unknown animals ( they did not know the temperament of elephants, giraffes, Lyons)  or a gladiator with a sword fighting one with a ball and chain, all in hopes of trying to bring the people the bloodiest spectacle they could. 


 In the picture above, in the top right side, you can see the pulley elevator that slaves would have to wrinch by hand, the gladiators and animals up to the arena floor above. 
The coliseum is currently being washed by a private company who is trying to take over all rights to it. All of the seats and anything of any money that was used in the making of the mass area have been stolen over time. 

  If you look at the picture above you can see holes in the walls and arches where pieces of rare metals and marble have been carved out and stolen. 
As if that wasn’t enough death and violence to try to comprehend for one day, we then walked over to a very small not so known church called “Santo Stephano” that had all sorts of paintings demonstrating the ways people of the time would have them selves killed to marter themselves.  

a man being crushed alive

 This was all in hopes of finding life everlasting in the afterlife. But, as Christians it was wrong to commit suicide so they would have other people kill them  to achieve their Marter status.  Being in this church I was again faced with a very heavy chest and found it hard to breath. Which made me wonder, was I one of these fools that chose to die this way?

a woman having her breasts cut off

Men and woman would volunteer willingly for this supposed status in death. (What the hell is wrong with people!? Was all I could think). Interestingly enough even though the church is walled all the way around (as it is one of the only round churches in Rome) with these brutal paintings, it is one of the most popular places currently for locals to get married.  Again, I found myself thinking, what the fuck is wrong with people? The last thing I would want while celebrating my love to another, is be surrounded by all the depictions of death!

Now When they say “when in Rome…”, I’m thinking, “oh hell no!!”

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