Day 17. Bucket List Trip 

The Day of Travel 

Today has been a trek! An absolute trek! I woke up at 6 am in Italy. For the first time the entire trip ( funny enough on my last morning) I got to see the sunrise. At home I am always up before the dawn. But this trip I have been usually going to sleep right before the dawn. 

 I can’t tell you how nice it was to finally see my first Italian sunrise. 

We then traveled by taxi 45 minutes to the airport; Which was the wrong terminal. So, then it was A 15 min bus ride to the correct terminal. A five minute tram ride to the gate. Then a 10 hour airplane ride which they tried to put Johnny in two different aisles and both of us in a middle seat because of over booking. (This is when it pays to be the annoying American) We both just stood there and said, “think again”! Johnny had to show them he paid for specific seats. After haggling with them we finally got them to move the people in our seats so we could sit together and not in the center! After the flight we had another 45 minute taxi ride to Manhattan. Where we re-packed and ate a bit, it was now 4:30pm In NY. 

We then took a 20 minute subway ride to port authority. Where we caught a buss for a 2 hour Long ride to Kingston NY. It was here on the bus that I caught my first U.S. Sunset in two weeks.  

  Once arriving in Kingston  at 7:10pm NY time, we took a 30 minute taxi ride to Woodstock. Where we jumped in Johns car for a 5 minute drive to the cabin.  I finally put my feet up at 8pm NY time.  

With all of that travel, for all those hours and all those miles, things actually went surprisingly well.  The only real stress we had was at the airport gate, when trying to get our seats back.  It was a very long but surprisingly relaxing travel day.  

(Maybe it was because I took a Xanax for the first time in my life right before we started flying? I don’t know? )

I’m happy to be back in America where there are always toilet seats on the toilets (unless your in a scary gas station).  Where there is no smoking in most place. Where I can read and understand all the signs  (except for in china town or little Mexico), where when people are talking and looking at me I know what they’re saying. 

I will miss a lot of Italy. The amazing wines and scrumptious food! The surrounding history and that feeling of knowing I’d been there before. All the cool outside cafes.  The very cool outfits that people wear.  People watching in Italy was a favorite pastime. (How some woman where stilettos on cobblestone streets is beyond me?)  But, most of all just the relaxation of it all.  It was an amazing trip!!!

Thank you so much John and Karl, I love you both so much!!! Prego mi amores! (Or something like that.  



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