Day 21. Bucket List Trip

Disney World or Disney Hell

Today was a “up before the dawn”, stressful drive to Disney World in Orlando. Having always been a California girl, I’ve only ever gone to Disney Land. So, I was excited to see the famous Disney World. 

Sadly it seems much like Disney land, just bigger.   A Lot of over priced Disney inspired merchandise. Or, hour plus long lines to enjoy a ride.  All in hopes that the ride is a semi entertaining.  But of course, it is a  Disney inspired ride, geared more for kids then adults. Which is great for kids but….

I’m not gonna lie, I was disappointed that they didn’t have more extreme roller coasters (because that is what I like). I’m sure if I had children with me they would have been in Disney Magic heaven.  But me personally, I don’t like lines or chaos. I don’t need to wait and hour for a picture with Donald Duck. (I could give a shit about Donald).  I don’t need to walk around sporting chamo or lace inspired Mickey Mouse ears, actually I would rather wear a slicker all day, then wear one of those ugly hats. ( But, when I was a child I had the standard black Mickey ears, I’m not gonna lie.)

They say it’s the happiest place on earth and yet kids everywhere passed me crying.Whining  that they were tired, or didn’t want to walk anymore. Parents everywhere, were sweating to death in the humid 90• heat. As they willingly donated their life savings to this huge company, that just happens to always portray the step mom, as some horrible woman that hurts people and must be destroyed. 

On the flip side I had a wonderful time hanging with my adopted family and eating our way through “food and wine” in epcock park. Of course as in all cases with Disney, the wonderful sampling of food from all countries of the world, paled in comparison to the real thing and was extreamly overpriced. I paid $4.00 for 2 mediocre pot stickers, in China. But, Disney wrangles you into buying more foods from all the countries by tempting the consumer with the promise of a free wine glass when you’ve gone a certain amount of times. (It’s all a brilliant racket!) 

Anyway here are some pictures. LOL 


  I’ve decided that I am just not a Disney Kind of Girl.  Disneyland and Disney World remind me of a casino. It’s all geared and engineered to keep you there and spend more money.  Prime example is “meet the princesses” breakfast.  You have to pay some ungodly amount to meet the princess’s, but you get breakfast 😉 ( I bet it’s a buffet). When I was a little girl meeting the princess’s was free. They would just walk around the park and you could hug them and talk to them right there in the street. 

Oy I’m gonna get off my rant and just say, “I’m glad I went at least once but I probably will never go again.  It’s just not worth it to me”. 


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