Dear Current Girlfriend

Dear Current Girlfriend

I know why you don’t like me.  I know why you don’t want your man to have anything to do with me. I know why the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when ever you see a text from me pop up on his screen. I know why you get that sick feeling in your stomach when ever my name is brought up in conversation. I know how it feels when he’s being a total asshole and you have no idea why, Because you feel like everything is just fine. It’s because of me. In your gut you know it’s true.  And even though you know it, in your gut, he will tell you up, down and sideways that it’s nothing to do with me; But, it is.  I Know he’s still in love with me.
He told me as much yesterday. Yesterday, your one year anniversary, He called me to tell me how depressed he was over me. On your special day, his thoughts were of me. (And I am perplexed in great amounts about this? I’m irritated as hell too! Why did he tell me about your anniversary? I had no idea what day it was and was happy in my blissful ignorance. I was pissed to know that it was your anniversary, fuck you both was all I could think!)  Why when it was your anniversary, was he still reaching for me?  He told me yesterday that he still thinks of me every day. And that getting over me has been the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. He blamed me for causing you two to almost break up several times. He said you felt he was gone the first 6 months of your relationship because of me. I on the other hand have been pissed off at him because he has not even been there for me in a friend capacity  because he has allowed you (a stranger to me) to control him.  I’ve seen him 3 times all year, because of your intuition and his fear of being alone.  He is one of my best friends and he’s just been gone.  Getting over him has been the same for me as it has for him, I love him too.  

Just know this, I know how you feel and I know why you are threatened by me, because I had a threat when I was with him to. And when I finally saw her disappear from our world, it was only a few short months after that, when I found out he was on a online dating site looking for a new backup burner girl. 

What I’m tying to say is you are not the first to deal with this and I will not be the last threat you face.  Good luck! 



(Not the current back up burner girl. Just the ex)


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