It’s Hot Tub Time

It’s hot tub time baby
I’ll go get the towels
There’s to be no “maybes”
No, “not right nows”

We need to unwind
Do some percolating
You uncork the wine
Forget what’s irritating

Turn off all the lights
Pop open the hottub lid
Is everyone out of sight?
We’re gonna get naked

Bring out the moon
Make the stars shine
The heat in the tub makes you swoon
Yet, It feels just sublime

Put the jets on our backs
Let them massage the spine
“Ohhh” I’m starting to relax
It’s a perfect way to pass the time

Add in the bubbles, please
Oh how they tickle our rear
They put the soul at ease
While letting the mind clear

I’m starting to get turned on
It happens every time
Let’s hot tub until the dawn
This evenings just devine

I love to feel your wet skin
We slide together with ease
Kissing you should be a sin
The water helps you tease 

Loving our Weightless bodies
Which always allows for more fun
Bubbles make bouncing  boobies
And that’s always pretty awesome

Lovin in the hot tub
Is one of my favorite things to do
Both a bath and a back rub
And It’s always better with you


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