Invention #7

For my latest amazing idea I am going to have to plagiarize from someone else. (Oh the horror of it all! Who would do that? Who would copy someone else’s idea? That’s never happened before I’m sure!? Haha). With my latest wonderous idea I wold like to make a slight variation to a recent very lucrative invention of someone else’s. 

I am sure you have all seen and heard of them, the Selfie-Sticks? They are all the rage in USA and Italy!  I’m sure they are everywhere! Those damn long metal arms that people keep slipping their smart phones (but not smart enough to not need a selfie-stick) into, so they can achieve the ultimate selfie with amazing backdrops included. 

Street vendors and gypsies were selling them on every street corner in Italy.  As you walked, they would practically shove the metal rode in your face. Or during tours we would pass a bunch of couples walking  with their phone in their selfie-stick resting on their shoulders and almost smacking people behind them in the head.  The selfie stick has actually been outlawed in Disney World already. 

But, I digress, I will stop my bitching and tell you my idea.  What if we invented a “selfie-stick” that could hold all different size dildos instead of phones? Wouldn’t that be fricking awesome woman? Who wants to help me start a finance campaign for it. We could make it the latest “go fund me” or “Kickstarter” project!

What do you think?

Just another brilliant idea in LoLa-land

post Script-

(After writing this my ex sent me the a video I guess I am not the first to think of it.  Go online and look for FantasyGlide pogo stick. )


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