It’s Time


It’s Time my dear
Time for you to get movin
You’ve rested that’s clear
Now you need to do some healin

Keep your chin up my love
This to shall pass
It’s not your time to give up
Now get up off your ass

I know your miserable
I know your depressed
I know your irritable
I know you just want to rest

But it’s sink or swim time honey
We now find out what fight you have left
You’ve given the Dr’s a run for their money
But they haven’t got your best

Breath deeply my sweets
Your not all alone
We love you even when you stink
Your not out here on your own

Hold on to us for support
Yell at us if you need to
We’re your family of sorts
We will help you pull through

Don’t let this take your hope
This is just a temporary stall
We know you have what you need to cope
we know you’ll make it through it all

We love you!


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