No Good Deed

My BFF has been so bad, she almost died from comlications from gallbladder surgery. We were so scared we were going to lose her, I took the first flight to Tampa to be with her. Luckily she is improving and has pulled herself out of the woods, but it’s been a long tough road and she’s still in a lot of pain.  She has a tube coming from the right side of her stomach draining fluid from her gallbladder duct. She has a tube coming from the left side of her chest draining…. Fuck if we know but, it looks like watered down blood.  She has leg braces on that are connected to a pump that keep her calves active, so she doesn’t get blood clots and a port in her chest that has her IV going in for her antibiotics.  (Luckily she was able to get rid of the catheter already.) But, she is literally strapped to the bed and miserable. 

I’ve been here for four days sleeping with her in the hospital being her “beck-n-call girl” (I accept this name happily because she’s alive). But of course, no good deed goes unpunished and I have caught a cold being in this house of funk. I’m now coughing up a lung, losing my weight in snot and have about As much energy as my sweet fucked up friend.  I woke up this morning feeling very sorry for myself and trying to suck it up because my body hasn’t been through anything like she has. 

We both realized we were awake at 5:30 this morning, because we were both moaning in pain.  We could have gone on with me shedding my “I’m pathetic tears” and her, letting out her, “it hurts so bad moans” and laid there feeing sorry for ourselves. But, instead we decided to see the absolute horror of us as humorous.  And this is why we are best friends. 

“Of my god now I’m a disaster just like you!” I said.

“Well at least your not wearing these sexy hospital mesh undies” crystal responds. 

“Crystal I literally have snot dripping from my nose before I can blow it” I protested. 

Laughing at me Crystal replies, “Well I’m dripping from everywhere” She then says, as I’m laughing. “Girl! We should totally be in the next Victoria Secrets Fashon show”

Crystal starts cracking up 

“It would be like the geriatrics fashion show.” I add, “ok let’s see the latest styles ladies and gentlemen, now BRING OUT THE GIMPS!”

Crystal starts laughing so hard she’s moaning in pain and I’m laughing so hard snot bubbles are popping out of my nostrils.  

“Do you think we could get a matching mesh bra to put your disappearing tits in” I ask?

“What tits! There gone! I have no more tits anymore!” She whined.  (This itself is funny because my dear friend as the biggest damn natural boobs I’ve ever seen) 

“Whatever girl, you know those things will still be dragging on the ground behind you after you get out of here” I retort. 

“Stop! Stop!” Crystal cries out in pain as she’s trying not to keep laughing, “it hurts so bad to laugh” 

“Man we are two serious hotties Crys!” I say through my coughing. 

“Girl we are both a hot mess!” She replies. 


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