To beautify or Not

     We woman spend a lot of time working on being beautiful. We subject ourselves to harmful chemicals and painful treatments all in the name of beauty.  Millions are spent each year on maintaining the “in” Fashon. And yet I’ve been told by several of my both current and past boyfriends, that I am the prettiest during two moments of my days.

     One is when I’ve just woken up. When I have lost the bags that form under my eyes after a long day, from being exhausted.  I feel refreshed most mornings and I guess I look it to. And the second time is when I’m just getting out of the shower. My skin usually has a nice pink healthy glow because I like my showers really hot.  

In neither instance is the color of my nails or shoe choice a source of my beauty. Having flawless make-up and shiny hair are not a “make it or break it” situation.  It doesn’t matter if I’ve spent hundreds on a sexy dress or have four inch heals on. In fact, for the most part,  both the situations men find me most attractive in, I’m just in my birthday suit. And yet even with my naked body staring them in the face, that’s not what their noticing, it’s my face they are referring to. 

So, I wonder then, why are we woman killing ourselves practically, by subjecting ourselves to harmful treatments and who knows what else.  Why are we spending so much money just to change our parent given looks for men, if that’s not what they even like? Is this just me men prefer This way? Or do most men feel this way about their woman?  Maybe I should just start napping and showering before each date. But, then do as a man does.  Just throw on some jeans and a shirt and run out the door.  I think I need to research this one a bit more. Maybe my female followers, should ask their men how they prefer their woman? Maybe (and here’s a crazy thought) we could save some time and money and just look ourselves. 



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