Weird Experiance #376

I went over to my ex husbands house (which just happens to be my old house) early this morning to pick up something he had borrowed from me.  My ex was away with his girlfriend but I have a key still.  While I was there I started talking to his roommate D.  D rents out my old office and was just chillin in her pjs. D, just happens to be one of my friends.  In fact I asked him if she could rent the room.  But, lately, her and my relationship has been strained and I was unsure what was going on with us, but I knew it was not good. 

So, I’m sitting outside on the front porch having a very hard heart to heart with my friend and the things we are saying are kind of awkward and touchy.  We are both trying hard to speak from our hearts and not out of anger. When all of a sudden my cat who I left behind when I moved sneezed (she actually has allergies).  She was sitting under D’s chair and all I could think is, “oh god I hope D didn’t just get snotted on”.

Then the weirdest thing happened and I felt like I slipped into some time warp, back in time and for  a brief moment it was my porch again; just like it had been for 14 years. And I was living there having a uncomfortable conversation with a friend of mine who was over. And I was apologizing for my guest being snotted on. My chest felt waited instantly (that’s how I usually felt when I was there) and I was very perplexed over feeling both extreamly at ease as well as Sick to my stomach.   Then I looked at D and saw that she was just sitting in her PJ’s and I sort of came to and realized that this is now and that was the past.

It shocked me just How easy it was to slip back into my past reality.  Again, I lived there with my ex for 15 years.  It makes sense, I mean at one point, I had three stay at home businesses.  I spent hours upon hours on that front porch.   I told D right then I was trippen out a bit and she just snickered at me.  Then I left to go get my groceries and was very happy to find my way back to my new home. 

Just another weird day in LoLa-Land


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