In The Name

This life I have spent many moons and tons of deep conversations with Pauls. I have dated three different men named Paul. They all had different hair Colors, different body types, different ages, different economic background, they all lived local to me now but were raised in different locations from each other, with different family dynamics but; there was three similarities. I think the similarities are interesting because they have far more to do with mental and emotional traits more than physical traits or geographical upbringing. 

All three Pauls are extreamly intelligent and  Inquisitive. They seek knowledge and have a encyclopedia of information just sitting in their brains. They can recall this info when ever they need it.  (Or they are just really good at sounding like they know everything) ? They are all very quiet and introverted. None of them are ever the life of the party. None of them ever caused a scene unless they were drunk (oh yes, and all three drink too much).  They are the kind of guys you can have a great one on one conversation with in the back of the room. The last similarly that strikes me as the most odd, is that they all suffer from some form of clinical Depression. 

So Nature vs Nurture comes to play and I wonder if three people who grow up so differently and come from different social groups and range in age by 20 years, why are they similar at all. You could say we are all destined to have some similarities and I’m just focusing on those and ignoring the mass differences; your right.  But aren’t those similarities odd? Why all emotional or mental? ALL THREE HAVE SUFFERED FROM DEPRESSION THEIR ENTIRE LIVES! That’s not exactly normal? 

I have a theory, that it’s in their name. I think our names and the sounds people make while speaking them to us have to have some impact on our personalities.  What if certain pitches if heard more then others promote certain feelings within us, thereby causing us to have different emotional characteristics?  I don’t know am I crazy here? Could a name control someone so much that it would be a factor In ones mental well-being?  You tell me. Do you know any Pauls? Are you a Paul? 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paul
    Dec 17, 2015 @ 16:17:09

    It’s not the name, you’re just attracted to guys of that type.

    Thank you for pointing it out–I didn’t even realize I was depressed. I’ve been keeping things far too locked down to notice, but all the signs are there. In the last week, I’ve been experimenting with letting myself feel the depression. It’s tough, making yourself turn face-first into a blizzard. But, it’s the only way through.


    • LoLa
      Dec 17, 2015 @ 20:41:22

      Good luck Paul, I hope my blog didn’t hurt you in anyway. It’s just an observation. Take care of yourself and know that within every challenge we hopefully learn more about ourselves.


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