Elf on a Shelf

This year for our comany Christmas party  I had the wonderful responsibility of buying the top boss his present in the gift exchange.  OY!! Why me!? I hate shopping for old rich men who have everything they want. You always have to be clever to make the right impression. 

I actually was clever (I think) and had some office items designed with an expression that he always says, “We are just the score Keepers. We’re not here to play the game”.  But, being its Christmas time the package wasn’t coming until two days after the party. So, I had to quickly come up with a new plan. Lucky for me his present came two hours before the party; but, my coworker and I decided I should implement plan B anyway. 

I handed my boss his present (gift B) and when he opened it, he found the “elf on the shelf” doll holding a note.  He instantly got excited about the doll trying to place him on his head and in his non-existent front pocket. He then read the note which said, “I am shelf on the elf I do mischievous things for Christmas this year I’ve decided to keep your Christmas present for ransom. What’s the ransom you might ask? You must give LoLa a raise to get your Christmas gift”.  Luckily for me he let out a big old barrel laugh. 

At this point, he’s having a blast playing with the Efl and  I said, “you have to give the Elf back you know, that’s not your gift”?

“What!? I don’t get to keep him”?! He protested with obvious disappointment. 

“No I borrowed him from a 7 year old little girl. I have to give him back. That’s not your gift. I just didn’t think it would get here in time and didn’t want you to not have something to open” i replied. 

“But, I want the elf! What if I don’t like my gift ? Can I keep the elf?” He still protested. (I bet he was stomping his feet under the table). 

“Do you really want to hurt a poor, cute, dimpled, little girl like that? What’s she ever done to you?” I joke while he just looks confused and sad (we were both a bit intoxicated off of good wine).  

I continued, “would you like your real gift?”

“what?? Where is it?” He asks perplexed. (My delivery I guess could have been less confusing)

“Yes your real gift came in the mail this afternoon would you like it? But, you’ll have to give back the Elf” I said. 

“Ok the Elf for the present” then he flashes me the evil eye and with a sinister laugh says, “Whahah!! I got out of giving you the raise!”

“Shit!” I protested. I guess there’s a reason he’s the boss. 

He ended up then opening up his real gift and I think he really think he liked it a lot.  He got all excited when he saw the items  were personalized with his own expression. He said, “I will gladly trade the ‘elf on the shelf’ for this gift”. I’m very happy that he was happy. Giving him his gift, was the best part of my night. 


I should have let him keep that damn elf! Look at this mischief he caused later! 
Happy Hollidays To You All!


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