More Candy Please

When I was a kid, I couldn’t get enough candy. I would take my allowance and Ride my bike down to the store and buy tons of candy bars. I love chocolate. I have always had a hard time with moderation.  A religious person would call me gluttonous. And I tell you that  nothing has changed since I was a kid. 

In my 30’s, I ballooned out to 320lbs at one miserable point in my life because I couldn’t get enough crap food to eat in one day. I had a ménage a tres with Ben & Jerry every single day for years.  ( not two real men just the ice cream).  Now I still eat bad but not like that at all. And I am trying to fix even those pour eating habits.  But, I have found a new outlet to my glutinous behavior. 

Now it seems when I have really good sex, I always want more, and I am not saying, I think to myself, “oh that was super enjoyable I think I would like to try that again sometime!” No I mean, I will be completely  content with the actions carried forth by a lover and I still want more, and I’m talking, like, in less than an hour.

Usually once I’ve had a few hours of physical fun for the evening I’m  content. I can fall sleep, and rest very soundly right away.  But, lately I’ve just been more horny after the sex, then I was before the sex.  My lover will be spent and I’ll be like, “that was so much fun can we do it again in like 30 minutes”?

What is this all about?  Am I just not getting enough? Or Am I becoming a sex crazed monster? Am I making up for years of not a lot of sex? Who knows.  Maybe I need to break my rule against 20 something year olds and become Mrs Robinson? They seem to have endless amounts of stamina. Or instead of trying to find a man who can keep up with my sexual appetite maybe it would make more since to figure out why I need or want sex so much. Is this normal 40 something behavior for a single woman? 

Or, Is it just that I have an addictive personality and I’ve become addicted to sex? Or is it something else? Is it more about the gluttony? Feeing like I have to have it all “right now” or it will be gone? Really it had nothing to do with the chocolate, ice cream or sex and everything to do with something inside of me?

Can I over indulge in sex like I did consuming candy and ice cream? Is the consumption of men a bad thing? (I mean I can only lose weight with this over indulged habit, right?). When is an enjoyable act considered an addiction? 

I asked a friend of mine, “when is sex too much sex? When is it considered an addiction “? 

He said, “I would think it’s when your sleeping with a Different person each night without ever caring to get to know them better”.  

All I could think was, “haven’t men been doing that for years”? 

It’s just another horny day in LoLa-Land

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