My Patient To Dr. Communications

I’ll be honest I’m not the best patient in the world. I get really nervous around doctors.  If it’s a cute male Doctor…. Forget about it! I’m a hot mess! That’s why I prefer female doctors, because I don’t make quite that large of an ass of myself with the woman.  But, I’ve talked about this before in my post The Doctor Visit, funny enough I may have to go see my doc again and it will be for the same issue.  

This time instead of waiting for the Dr. to tell me to not shave for 3 to 4 weeks (hello let me then change my name to gorilla girl), I thought emailing her would be so much more beneficial on my time.  The email went something like this. 

Hey Doc,

I am coming in to see you tomorrow about a lump in my Pitt. I wouldn’t normally bug you about the Pitts but I’m becoming quite Pit-iful. 

I’ve done the antibacterial soap cleaning, I have not been wearing any synthetic materials and have been sticking to cotton shirts, for healthy air flow.  Doc, I have even worked on my stress level, all in hopes to eliminate the lump. But sadly, I mean, it’s a real Pit-ty, but the lump is just getting bigger.

It’s now effecting my range of motion in my arm and hurts constantly.  It’s to the point that I’m aware my Pitt hurts all the time! And I will tell you something Doc, it’s the Pitts! Let me know if you can fit me in today some where ? Or if you think there is something else I can try without coming in at all? Until I hear from you I will be in a Pitt-fall straight to the Pitts- of Despair! 


Lo La

I guess we will just have to see what the doctor says?


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